Andy De La Tour: Sat Down and Died in Edinburgh

Andy De La Tour Stand-up or die in New York
Andy De La Poor: Sat Down and Died in Edinburgh
Star rating: *
Billiards room. Gilded Balloon.
Thursday 7th August 2014
5pm Daily.

Billed as the grand old man of comedy, I went along expecting to hear exciting and humorous tales from an American comedy veteran. Well I got one out of three. Unfortunately it was just the veteran. Inspite of the starry sounding name he was British and as for comedy, unfortunately that was sadly lacking.

I had to re-read the flyer to check what this was meant to be. Indeed it stated, ‘stand up, story telling’. Alas the stories were just not that interesting, and suffered from being under cooked and poorly told by La Tour in his laid back, bar stool manner. He didnt even give stand up much of a go, quite literally as he sat down to deliver his show. Nothing wrong with that so long as your telling funny jokes or stories. The late great Dave Allen sat down a lot at his shows and was a class act.

After a 20 year break I’m not sure what possesed Andy to make a return. He said his wife didn’t bat an eye lid when he announced his comeback to her. She didn’t even know him as a comedian when they met. Pity she didn’t question him about this decision.

In truth the most interesting and starry person in the room was not on stage, but sat in the audience. A penny for the thoughts of Ruby Wax!

Alas, I’m afraid to report that this was by far the worst show I’d seen all festival. Andy may well have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Unfortunately he didn’t tell us those. Far from delivering stand up, Andy De La Tour was so poor that he sat down and died on stage.

Tiemo Talk of the Town

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2 Responses to Andy De La Tour: Sat Down and Died in Edinburgh

  1. Pauline says:

    It cost £10.00 to see this show. As one of the pricier acts it was of shockingly poor quality (average cost per show is £5.00/6.00). I waited for jokes to be interspersed throughout the storytelling but they never materialised. The storytelling left me underwhelmed. Your comments therefore are not exaggerated but sadly accurate.

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