Don’t Tell Anyone about Sarah Callaghan

Sarah Callaghan – Star Rating: ***
Laughing Horse at Finnegan’s Wake Venue 101
Edinburgh Fringe
Monday 4th August 2014
Daily. 18:15pm. FREE.

Pssst. Over here. Can you keep a secret? Good. In that case I can let you into one. Sarah Callaghan is one funny young lady. In an entertaining and highly amusing 45 minute show (no second half, no substitutions, no vuvuzela’s – hurrah) Sarah shared five secrets with her audience. What were they I hear you ask? That would be telling and I couldn’t possibly do that.

What I can confirm is that Sarah Callaghan show is a confident and likeable Comedienne who delivers an amusing, fun show that leaves you with the feel good factor.

There are plenty of funny wisecracks as she jokes about her hopeless relationships and foreign travels.

The finale is not what you expect and leaves you on a high. It could be improved though in order to leave you with the anticipated ending. Maybe that would be too predictable, but it would be great though. Perhaps it will change as the festival goes on.

In a show of one half Sarah played her part very well. Her movement and positional play on the stage were fine, not to mention her mic control and technique being spot on. This was a very lively first 45 minutes that I’d recommend people go and see the replay.

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