Ola The Comedian and his future Wife

Ola The Comedian and his future Wife – Star Rating ***

Laughing Horse,

Espionage – Pravda, Venue 185
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Sunday 3rd August 2014

Daily. 19:30pm. 31st July – 24th August 2014 (excl. 13th) Information and book tickets

Ola the Comedian’s search for a wife reached Edinburgh. This young christian man has put carnal pleasures of the flesh on hold whilst in hot pursuit of “the one” he will make his wife.

Yes, in the spirit of his christian faith he has vowed to abstain from sex until he is married. To have a young man practising abstention is to many people, pretty unusual and admirable in this day and age

Ola takes you on a very entertaining and interesting trip through some of the highs and lows of his search for a wife.  He seemed genuinely curious about how various couples met in the audience. Some met on-line, some in sports centres and one couple met in the pub during a stag do.

Ironically, the day I saw this show Canadian band Magic! reached number one in the UK with their international smash hit song ‘Rude’ about a young man wanting permission from his intended’s father to marry her.

His style is somewhat dry and laconic, a little reminiscent of Hannibal Buress. Ola said he was a frequent visitor to the USA which might explain that.

The show flows smoothly, with laughs a plenty throughout. As well as relationships, he touches on diversity, race and comedy awards.

He didn’t seem comfortable being nominated for various comedy awards, including our very own Black Comedy Awards 2013. He wants to be the greatest comedian there is and feels such an award is racially limiting to the achievement of that noble ambition.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I understand his point completely. Little did he know that the organiser, this very blogger, of the Black Comedy Awards, was seated in the front row of his show! What are the chances of that? The first show I see out of about 1,976 shows refers to Tiemo’s black comedy awards.

I liked the message of the show. Though the search for the one can mean looking high and low and going through many ups and downs, the one might be right under our nose if we strip aside the facade and seek to look past the ideal packaging we seek.

I thoroughly recommend this show to anyone looking for a good laugh, not to mention anyone looking for that special someone to spend the rest of their life with.

I note he was born the day after President Barak Obama, which must make today (5th August) Ola’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ola.

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