Gallery of Modern Art

Gallery of Modern Art **

Royal Exchange Square

Glasgow G1

Glasgow Museum of Modern Art

Sunday 3rd August 2014

Free entry. Suggested donation of £3 in cash ir via text.

This was my second visit to GOMA formerly the Museum of Modern Art in Glasgow. It was probably more than 10 years since I’d last visited and whilst in the city to experience the Commonwealth Games 2014 cycling race I thought I’d check it out again. I was looking forward to doing so as remember it containing some fantastic, modern art work last time.

Spread out over four floors the visitor is certainly in for an experience but whether all of it is art is questionable.

In my opionion, the best art was the cardboard city, as I call it, on the 4th floor. This featured an amazing body of work by Nathan Coley. He had produced cardboard models of every single church in Edinburgh. All 286.  It took hime just four months. It was superb.


Sign at Bristo Baptist Church, Edinburgh

I also really enjoyed one of the Pianist’s Probably a visitor tinkling on the ivories.

Moyna Flannagan’s art was pretty interesting. Amusing art which emphasised something of a breast obsession with her skinny yet impossibly buxom women, many with conical shaped breasts, a la Madonna in her vogue days.

The wire art was very strange. Some of it made sense. Much of it, to me, didn’t. Can’t say I was impressed and it’s certainly not something I’d put up in my house.

The ground floor television experience contained some very risque visual images to say the least.

Art is of course subjective and a museum is only as good as the art within it. If you enjoy art, it’s worth a look if you’re in the city, but it can and has done better.

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