Luis Suarez can nibble on my shoulder any day

Luis Suarez can nibble on my shoulder any day

The big scandal of the world cup – no not England going out (very predictable and un-surprising), but ‘that bite’ by Luis Suarez. I thought his punishment for biting into the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini was over the top and the more I observe what has been going on in the world cup and football in general the more convinced I am the decision was wrong.

Of course it was wrong for him to bite his opponent – whether there was and especially as there was no provocation. A standard 2 match ban would have sufficed however. In my view, there are far worse crimes committed on a football pitch week in week out. Compared to the potentially leg breaking tackles we see all season long or cheating I’d far rather take a nibble on the shoulder than have my leg or back broken. Poor Neymar, the Brazilian star is out of the tournament, having had his vertebrae broken by Colombia defender Juan Zuniga and what penalty has he suffered? Nothing. Not even a yellow card. Where’s the outrage over that? I despair. Everyone prefers to attack the pantomime villain and ignore the real crimes on a football pitch.


I detest especially divers such as Dutch star Arjen Robben. A blatant diver and cheat, who has won matches for the Netherlands and his club sides via the resultant penalties and free kicks that they would not have been but for his diving. That to me is far worse than a relatively innocuous and ‘armless (pardon the pun) biting of an opponent.

In the real world people know this. For instance, FC Barcelona are reportedly in official talks with Liverpool FC to buy Suarez. That’s some punishment if he gets sold to Barcelona. Poor Suarez – the shame of having to play for Barcelona! That’s teach him a lesson won’t it!!? Liverpool will stand to make a tidy sum on his sale, so even they won’t lose out financially. Obviously, they’ll be losing a talented player, but with all his baggage they may consider it opportune to cash in now.

Mental health

It is said that firm action was necessary to prevent copycat “assaults.” I don’t accept that. It’s not an act many will choose to copy. Mike Tyson famously bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear in their infamous second showdown on 28th June 1997, almost 17 years to the day that Luis Suarez enacted his infamous thirds bite, 24th June 2014. I can’t recall such an incident in a boxing ring since that day. Nor are there many instances of footballers going around biting each other. Maybe they need to look at Suarez’s pre-match meal!

To me it shows to me that Suarez, a bit like Tyson, was struggling to deal with anger management/mental health issues and psychological support is what is required to help him cope with the mental side of his game, especially when things aren’t going his way. They say in life, ultimate survival comes down to fight of flight. In the case of Suarez and Tyson, make that bite or flight!

World Cup 2014 update

What a superb world cup we’ve had. We’re now down to the final four matches.


We’re down to the big four in the semi-final’s and the outcomes and eventual winner of the final could go to any of these major footballing teams. All have played very well to get this far and have the ability to win the world cup.

In this week’s semi-final’s I tip Germany to beat Brazil on 8th July, especially as Brazil are without star man Neymar. I fancy Argentina to beat the Netherlands on 9th July. I think both will be very close matches, but I think Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi still has something to prove in this world cup and will want to impose himself on that match. He’s been very tightly marked in all matches and has had very limited opportunities to express himself. That will be the case again in the semi-final, but against higher quality opponents, he may get a little more freedom as a strong attacking side concentrate on their own attacking game.

For the final on 13th July 2014, I tip Germany to beat Argentina. I tip Brazil to beat the Netherlands in the 3rd place play of on 12th July 2014.

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