How can you prevent your man getting over stressed by the World Cup 2014?

World Cup 2014 and National Men’s Health Week

The second of Tiemo Talk of the Town’s brand new series of Men’s Talk debates and talks took place on the eve of the World Cup 2014, last Wednesday 11th June 2014 at Ramada Encore London West. A lively debate about the World Cup 2014 was enjoyed, as well as a talk by our very own Blogger, Michael Peters, on Men’s Health.

National Men’s Health Week 9 – 15 June 2014

This year marked the 20th anniversary of National Men’s Health Week (NMHW) but you’d be hard pressed to find many who’d heard of it, never mind celebrated it. Well, it does exist and I delivered a short talk on the history of NHMW and this year’s theme – health, stress at work and stress due to unemploment.

NMHW was established to give a higher profile to men’s health and to encourage more men and women to take an active interest in this. Each year they focus on a particular area, be that heart health, mental health, physical well being or diet. Tiemo Talk of the Town have hosted debates on this in the past.


I talked about stress being one of the “silent” killers out there, especially for men who tend to keep problems bottled up. Work driven pressures as well as pressures of unemployment were also highlighted as key areas of concern. I felt that a variety of approaches were required to address this. On an individual level, this includes exercising regularly – endorphins get released during exercise which help to reduce stress. Eating a healthy and balanced diet was vital. Simply taking an interest in your health is a good starting point for the less committed, be that taking heed of the standard advice just outlined, reading around the subject and talking to others  too.

Going for regular health MOT’s was also considered crucial, potential life saver – particularly for the over 40’s. Men do that for their cars. Why not for their bodies – surely a far more valuable property than any car? The earlier any problem(s) are detected the better. If not, it may be far more difficult to tackle any issues.

On a more generic, corporate level, Occupational Health Nurses/Doctors, GP’s, the NHS all clearly have a part to play in stimulating an interest in men taking better care of themselves.

I mentioned that there is insufficient investment and PR for men’s health issues compared to women’s health and that should be a concern for us all, men and women alike.

Family history

I concluded by urging everyone to examine their family history. For therein lies the clues to one’s future health and well being. For instance, if there is a history in your family of heart disease, diabetes, sickle cell anaemia etc… , then there is a higher likelihood, not an inevitability,  that you might inherit these traits. That would be your early warning signal to keep an eye on your health, dietary and lifestyle choices.


World Cup 2014

A lively debate ensued about the World Cup 2014. Whilst excited by England’s youthful looking squad, none felt England would make the semi-final’s. Attendees were looking forward to watching the usual suspects – Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Holland and Portugal. In terms of team’s making the final four – it was too soon to pick an outright winner – but 75% felt Spain and Portugal would make the last four. 50% tipped Argentina and Italy. Few expected England, France or Germany to make it that far. No mention of host nation Brazil. Interesting! Watch this space.

World Cup Qatar 2022

There was some discussion on the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Following the recent Sunday Times expose of corruption I felt strongly that the vote should be re-run and Qatar taken out of the running. I also felt that FIFA President Sapp Blatter needed to stop blattering on and resign to allow fresh blood to come in and run the organisation. They’ve taken far too long to introduce goal line technology and have failed to get a grip on the corruption scandal engulfing the Qatar 2022 situation. With their climate and with it being a non-footballing nation, the world cup has no business going there anyway. It would have been better going to a footballing nation geared up to host a major sporting tournament which Qatar clearly is not.

World Cup 2014 update

Thus far it’s been a very exciting world cup with some brilliant matches – Holland’s 5-1 thrashing of reigning champions Spain, Italy’s 2-1 defeat of England and Brazil’s 3-1 defeat of Croatia and so on. There have been some very poor refereeing decisions. I hope we’ve seen the last of them as they threaten to spoil the world cup. It’s far too important to have matches affected by plain wrong decisions.

We look forward to seeing you all again at a future World Cup debate before this tournament concludes. Bring a friend. It’s good to talk.

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