Comedy Heading in the right Direction

Compass Comedy
Sunday 25 May 2014
Star rating: ***
Compass Theatre
Ickenham, Middlesex

All roads pointed to West London to a brand new comedy night at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham.

The night was packed with fresh, new comedy talent, each delivering 5-10 minute routines. The night was held together well in the very capable hands of compere Njambi McGrath, host of Tiemo’s ‘Black Comedy Awards 2013’ and featured in our very own Top 10 list of Up and coming comedians to look out for in 2014.

Njambi McGrath ****

Njambi McGrath kept proceedings ticking along nicely, opening with a good 10 minutes or so of material largely featuring her Kenyan background and poking fun at airport immigration officials, Kenyan’s athletic prowess and all matter of subjects that had the audience chortling away. Njambi engaged well with the audience, making humorous links between different parties present (a mother out with her two daughters; as well as another mother out with her twins (no not those one’s) but 18 year old male/female twins James and Miriam – an unusual combination. Fans of Stephen K Amos will know he has a twin sister, about which he frequently cracks a very good gag.

There is nervousness about Njambi’s style of delivery which needs some work on in order to eliminate it, however she demonstrates a wide repertoire of material, solid jokes and an agile, alert mind that enables her to fire off quick and humorous ad libs.

Winter Foenander **

Winter Foendander of County Cork/Dutch origin (what was it about odd combinations at this show?!!) was very funny. I particularly enjoyed his joke about love making whilst staring at the tattoo’s on his partner which made it somewhat difficult to concentrate!

Sandra Hale ****

Sandra Hale

Sandra Hale

Sandra Hale was extremely funny. She came on joking about being 62, though she looked more like 42. She told a number of enjoyable jokes about sex, the good old days and having an old fashioned name. Sandra is a very likeable comedienne who engaged well with the audience.

Ryan Theivam *****

Ryan Theivam, the ex-Teacher turned Comedian was very funny. I loved his stories about being 4 years old, growing up and frequenting the Bank of Mum and Dad (I think we all know that bank well!!)

His jokes about school days went down very well too.

So Ying Pang *

Chinese woman, So Ying Pang, gained some good laughs, but overall came across as very nervous, something that wasn’t helped by forgetting her lines twice. She is new to stand up comedy and that was very apparent. As there’s not exactly an overflow of Chinese comedian’s taking away the comedy circuit by storm, if she works at it, she could be one to look out for.

Chris Douce ***

Chris Douce, the Heston Blumenthal /Toby Young look a like was good. I liked his personal, self deprecating jokes poking fun at his stammer. Though that was clearly evident in his performance it didn’t detract from the fact there were some strong jokes delivered. Chris Dyer has potential and I’d see him again.

Sian Doughty *****

Sian Doughty

Sian Doughty

I liked Sian a lot. She was another ex-Teacher on the bill. I know some Teachers can be a joke, but this was getting ridiculous! I enjoyed her gags re internet dating, her ex-husband and the comparisons between her ex and one of her pupils!

Andy Gleeks ****

Irish comedians Andy Gleeks delivered a confident, composed set, regaling the audience with some very good yarns about life in County Antrim. The bank robbery gag was especially funny.

Naomi Hefter *****

Headliner for the night was Naomi Hefter. She was pretty good and I especially enjoyed her set. She bantered well with the audience, flirting with 18 year old James and his twin sister Miriam. They were both good sports, particularly bearing in mind some of the very crude, near the knuckle jokes being made whilst they were sat there with their mother.

Naomi Hefter

Naomi Hefter

She joked about being sacked 20 times in her life (apparently she’s only 29 too) for a variety of misdemeanours, some of which I can’t bear to repeat, never mind think of!

This was a good opening night for a brand new comedy night in West London. The atmosphere was a little chilly (please sort out the air conditioning next time Compass Theatre!) but the warmth of the host and the acts made the night worthwhile. Compass Comedy is pointing in the right direction. North. Onwards and upwards!

I look forward to the next show on Sunday 22 June 2014. This will be compered by Stephen Owen Williams and stars Jay Islam as the Headline Act.

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Compass Comedy
Sunday 22 June 2014, 8pm. £5.
Glebe Avenue, Ickenham, Middlesex UB10 8PD.

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4 Responses to Comedy Heading in the right Direction

  1. Sandra Hale says:

    Thanks for the review.. Please can you change my name from Sandra Hill to Sandra Hale as that is my correct name. Many thanks. Of course if you had hated my performance I would’ve been happy with the original spelling!

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