Young Dons of Comedy

Young Dons of Comedy

Star rating ****

Broadway Theatre


London SE6

Saturday 5th April 2014

Tonight was the night for the young dons of comedy to take centre stage. The Broadway Theatre, Catford, show was impressively compered by the cheekiest of hosts, the one who takes no prisoners, Mr Kane “never heckle a comedian” Brown. He was on rip-roaringly, super fast, ad libbingingly cracking form, taking the mick out of everyone and everything that came across his path. Pity the poor souls who came in late or chose to go for a comfort break whilst he’s on stage!

I loved his story about whether he would sleep with a guy to win the lottery. It had the Broadway Theatre in uproar. Hilarious.

Junior Booker

Junior Booker was well received by the audience with his tales of singledom – clubbing and going on unexpectedly expensive dating woes – £22 for a bottle of Vodka and coke plus lager!! Loved the way he styled it out to impress his date.


Great musical introduction – should be standard of course when Shabba is your name! Shabba made great comedic use of music and dance to showcase his tales of sexual gymnastics. I felt that the sex orientated material was just a bit too much, far too raw and in your face so to speak!

The audience heard yet again about poor old Dominic of New Year’s eve staircase infamy! Funny nonetheless. Il haven’t seen the video, but I think I know enough to not want to see it!

Travis Jay

Travis Jay was very funny. I loved the personal stories about picking up his daughter from school. They were original and funny. Loved the “little bag man” anecdotes too.

The phone story was highly amusing. I enjoyed the way Travis told the story, building nicely towards a strong punchline. Not every joke worked so well, but overall this was a funny set and a huge improvement on April 2013’s ‘About2Blow’ show based on the same premise as this one with a showcase of a number of up and coming young male comedians.

Travis can be seen in his first one man show ‘The Funny Thing is…‘  on 25th May 2014 at Hackney’s Arcola theatre.

Aurie Styla

A fine, confident performance from Aurie Styla. Terrific combination of music and dance, showing of his athleticism on stage. I enjoyed his guess the age of the audience by musical memories routine. Great music and audience participation combined.

In a well received set, the audience loved the very amusing gym stories and interesting tales regarding bedroom activity.




Headliner Axel joked a lot regarding relationships, as well as doing old favourites regarding where people shop, relationships, fashion brand labels. He delivered a very funny, athletic routine. He was confident and closed the show nicely leaving everyone on a high.


Some of the material was a bit over familiar, but all in all, this was a fine night of quality stand up comedy, demonstrating that the future of Black British comedy is in good hands.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

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2 Responses to Young Dons of Comedy

  1. john says:

    Sounds like a great night of comedy, couldn’t get round to seeing the show. Great review will see it next time.

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