Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaican Cuisine


108-110 Pembroke Road

Ruislip Manor



Tel : 01895 674631

Open 11am – 11pm  Monday – Sunday

Friday 31st January 2014

The new Caribbean restaurant, Jamaican Cuisine, in Ruislip, Middlesex is often fully booked, so it can mean a long wait to secure a table. At last. Three months to the day since the new Jamaican Cuisine restaurant opened (31st October 2013) I  finally sat down to enjoy a meal. The decor and familiar reggae tracks being played in the background brought a little of the Caribbean to Ruislip.

Initially, when seated, Jamaican Cuisine wasn’t too busy, but within an hour it was packed. The atmosphere was lovely. The diners included one  party of 8 women and other smaller groups dotted about the restaurant.


I did order the red pea soup as a starter, but they were out of that. That’s about the third time I’ve sought to order (as a takeaway) this since it opened that and it’s never in. I think Jamaican Cuisine should remove it from the menu if they don’t have it or ensure they have enough in to satisfy demand.

I indulged myself by sampling two main courses – Goat Curry and Ackee and Saltfish.The goat curry, served with a traditional accompaniment of rice and peas, plantain and vegetables was delicious. Very well cooked, well seasoned and full of Caribbean flavour.

The ackee and saltfish did not disappoint either. For the unitiated, ackee is a traditional Jamaican vegetable served with salted fish, interspersed with onions, garlic red and green peppers. Fried dumpling were included in my order.

Desserted by the desserts

The desserts looked great. Tiramisu, carrot cake, fruit salad, jelly & ice cream, Jamaican rum bunt cake and Jamm’n Jamaican pudd’n.

Alas they only looked good in name only as they were out of hot desserts. I was told that there were extenuating circumstances behind that, which is fair enough, but I do think if you are open for business, you should have available all, or most of what is on the menu, including desserts. Desserts could have been made on the day or bought in. It’s far too late when a customer has finished their main meal and placed a dessert order, to then find out there’s none available. I would suggest that in future customers are told up front what is not available, or that a display board lists which items are off the menu, in much the same way a restaurant has a ‘specials of the day’ board and/or menu’s. 


I was served by an Italian waiter. His English wasn’t too good, but his customer service and attentiveness was ‘bene’ (fine) and he will surely pick up the language the longer he is in the country. A crash course in restaurant English wouldn’t go amiss perhaps

Overall, though the meal was ‘molto buono’ as our Italian waiter would say, fabulous in fact and that’s the main thing. The rum punch was, a real knock–out. The music and overall atmosphere made for a lovely evening. What was especially pleasing was that it had the feel of a cosy, mid size, modern establishment, yet it combined a sense of informality and un-stuffiness that I like in a restaurant.

It’s obviously very modern, shiny and new inside. With a few tweaks  I think it can do very well. Ruislip is not the sort of place where you would expect to find a Caribbean restaurant, never mind a good one, but it’s there and people of all nationalities are regularly dining there. I look forward to going back.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

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3 Responses to Jamaican Cuisine

  1. Deloris says:

    I have eaten here several times. The food is always great and staff very polite and accommodating. However I would have to agree with you some meal options never seem to be on the menu.

    This will not deter me from revisiting though!!

  2. Rosanna says:

    I stopped by this restaurant today after my husband had mentioned that he had seen a new jamaican restaurant had opened in ruislip. I sent my son in to buy a pattie. He returned with a pattie that I could buy from tesco that had been heated in a microwave. I opened the bag and the soggy pastry had stuck to the bag. It cost 75p in tesco but £2 in this place. We had planned to go there for a meal as a family -never again! How could any self respecting ‘restaurant’ serve a pattie like that!!!!!

  3. Tiemo Talk says:

    Thanks for your comments Rosanna and Deloris.

    It’s a shame re your experience Rosanna. If the patty was soggy that’s unfortunate, but microwaving a patty is pretty standard and normally they taste fine. They do for me. It’s also not unusual that it would be stuck to the bag after warming up – especially if in the bag. I presume you didn’t like the patty, even though you did not say that. Please clarify if you can.

    I visited the restaurant on 14th March and had a really lovely meal. No problems. The place was packed out (we had to wait to get a table – no problem as we enjoyed a drink at the bar), beautiful music playing – Thriller and other tunes. Dim the lights and you would have had a disco in there. Great!

    The restaurant was featured in the Ruislip, Eastcote and Northwood Gazette newspaper, 12th March 2014, with the Mayor of Hillingdon Allan Kauffman carrying out the official opening of the restaurant. The event helped raise money for the Mayor’s Rainbow charity appeal that raises funds for seven charities.

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