Reginald D Hunter Live

Reginald D Hunter Live – DVD


Eventim Hammersmith Apollo

June 2011          

Reginald D Hunter is in his element as he tackles a wide range of challenging subjects and at times has the audience laughing away as well as thinking at the same time. No topic is out of bounds to the fearless American Reginald, whether it’s his up-bringing, his parent’s disciplinary methods, race, racism, sex, marriage, sexism, rape, class and a whole manner of anecdotes that animate these themes.

Reginald D Hunter

Reginald D Hunter

During his hour long show, Reginald doesn’t just own the stage of the Hammersmith Apollo, he also has the full and undivided attention of  the audience, who are listening intently to his every word.

This was a comedy master class from Reginald D Hunter. He was was highly entertaining, thought provoking, challenging and above all consistently funny. He might be making the most serious of points, but there was always a comical pay off to each one.

Race and class

For instance, whilst examining racism in Britain, he does so in the context of how it compares to American racism. In England, he has observed that the British have added another layer to the mix – class, “so that white people can be racist towards one another!”

On his much criticised use of the “n” word, he stated that “it is just a word, a sound. You don’t HAVE to react to it.” Contrary to popular belief (presumably mainly from critics who haven’t seen him live) his shows are not full of N this and N that.  Reginald offers a far classier, smarter show than that.


The tale of the military gig in Germany that went badly awry was hilarious for in not only was a funny story, but it was made more so by the fact it highlighted the perils of over confidence gained from, shall we say, a pre-show pep “talk” from ‘Jack Daniels’!

What is it re Germany and gigs? Robbie Williams on Graham Norton (December 2013) related a story of doing a show in Nuremburg, venue of the infamous Hitler pre-world war II rally and singing a totally inappropriate line at the end of a song. The result? An adoring audience suddenly becomes less than loving and turn on Robbie Williams.

Reginald D Hunter

Reginald D Hunter

Tough upbringing

He spoke of his late Mother and the tough discipline she meted out to him as a child. Reginald observed wryly that nowadays that would be seen as child abuse, but back then, beatings, were considered “an act of being a good Christian.”

His anecdotes regarding his father were brave and pretty gobsmacking. The sort of revelations that can leave scars on a man, never mind a boy. Fortunately, if that’s the right word, it appears he was told about his father’s past when he was a grown adult. Nonetheless, still a tough one to get your head around.


He was as ever frank in his feelings when friends tell him they’re engaged. “I feel no joy. I feel sorry for men getting married!” That’s unusual and quite shocking, but fair play to him for his honesty. Most people react differently (well, depending upon who’s getting married to who!), but I guess Reginald, being Reginald, is keeping it real as they say. I guess he’d be married by now if he wanted to be!

Actually, thinking about it, it’s not really that shocking, seeing as the staple diet of many a comedian/sit-com is the trouble and strife of married life! The ball and chain, wed-lock, mother-in-law jokes etc…

Audience interaction was great as ever with some thought provoking questions lobbed out to test his theories.

The setting for the DVD was absolutely gorgeous. The Eventim Hammersmith Apollo looked great and the audience were clearly having a ball. This was a tremendously funny performance from one of the best comedians in Britain. It was brave, irreverent, challenging and above all hilarious.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

Reginald D Hunter was a short-listed nominee for Best International Comedian at The Black Comedy Awards 2013.

‘Reginald D Hunter Live’ (2011) and Reginald D Hunter – In the midst of crackers’ (2012) can be purchased at many high street stores and on-line

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