The Good, The Bad & The Cockney

The Good, The Bad & The Cockney DVD 2012


*** 3/5

Stratford Circus

London E15

Released: 2012


Great title. Good show. Its easier for a reviewer when a show creates its own headlines and chapters.



The Good

This was a very funny and entertaining first DVD from the self-styled ‘Cockney Prince’ Quincy. Performing on ‘his manor’ Stratford, East London, Quincy was very much at ease as an affable and friendly comedian welcoming you to his abode.

The show was recorded at a venue he’s performed at many times, Stratford Circus, which has also served as a venue for BBC TV’s ‘Question Time’. This was quite fitting as the DVD features an interview with TV and film star Idris Elba, currently the man of the moment for his portrayal of the late South African President Nelson Mandela.

They went to school together (Idris and Quincy that is, not Nelson!) and it was fun to see the relaxed, easy going banter between the two.  From their opening greeting to one another we learn something new as Idris greets Quincy by his real name. What is Quincy’s real name I hear you ask? Well, if you want to know you’ll have to buy the DVD to find out. The bonus 30m Idris Elba interview has the answer.

Tiger Woods

The stick he gave Tiger Woods was hilarious and had the audience going as he talked about Tiger getting busted for his numerous conquests and how, as if that wasn’t bad enough, questioned why not one of the women was Black. Despite his ethnicity being “quarter this and quarter that” when it came to dating Tiger obviously didn’t operate an equal opportunities selection process. You had to be white and blonde or you weren’t making the cut!

The Bad

Quincy’s comedy created divided audience reactions at times, but for much of the time most of the audience were hanging on Quincy’s every word and laughing away. Dividing the audience is arguably as it should be if you’re trying to be edgy and not play it safe on stage. One man must have had a long night the night before or just finished a long shift, for he’s caught fast asleep! He was missing a good show. If he wants to see what he missed, he’ll have to just pay again and buy the DVD!

The Cockney

The proud cockney in Quincy came out not solely through his cockney/Bajan accent, but via his demonstration of the cockney walk that gives away a cockney’s mood , be it happy or bad.

He was clearly proud and why not, that the London 2012 Olympics took place on his East London manor, Stratford. His joke regarding the 100m hurdles v 100m was simple, but effective and amused the audience.

Sport, race, dating, London life, Quincy’s life and interests, Idris Elba and so much more are covered by Quincy. This is a DVD that can be enjoyed by anybody, young and old alike who enjoys a good laugh.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

DVD Purchase

‘The Good, The Bad & The Cockney’ features guest appearances and interviews with Comfort, Idris Elba, Kojo and Mystal  can be purchased here

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