World Superstars of Comedy II

World Superstars of Comedy II

**** 4/5


London SE10

Sunday 3rd November 2013

A collection of some of Black Britain’s biggest comedy stars gathered at IndigO2 to perform in a show billed as World Superstars of comedy. That’s a lot of hype to live up to and considering all but one of the line up were Black British the title was stretching things a little bit. More of that later.

Richard Blackwood was host for the night and did a great job in keeping proceedings ticking over nicely. It was fun to hear his take on C4’s recent Jamaican show. He engaged in good natured banter with the front rows and teased latecomers too.

Richard Blackwood

Richard Blackwood – Triple Award Winner at The Black Comedy Awards 2013

Richard kept proceedings moving well, with good humour and audience banter. His skill at hosting was recognised by the general public who voted him Best Stand-Up Comedy Host, as well as Best Supporting Actor for ‘Donkey’ in ‘Shrek’ and Best Comedy Theatre – ‘Shrek’ at The 10th Anniversary Black Comedy Awards 2013 held in Wembley on 19th December 2013.

Richard is back at the Indig02 for his first one man show in 10 years on Saturday 11th January 2014.

Eddie Kadi

Eddie Kadi entertained the audience with his dance moves and overall energy and effervescence. Eddie was on good form, cracking plenty of good jokes throughout his set.

Richard introduced him as the first and only Black British Comedian to play the main O2 arena. That was back in 2009. I wonder why Eddie hasn’t played there since. Normally when stars do their first arena show they continue on the arena only circuit. It was a tremendous achievement and one I hope Eddie and other stars on this show and elsewhere achieve. That would be real progress.


Kojo delivered a funny set. He played with the audience, doing jokes re racial stereotypes, racial differences, dating and his lack of fighting prowess.


Slim delivered another barnstorming performance. He humorously regaled the audience with stories re his daughter’s birthday party. It was quite a novel take on the subject and one you rarely hear, but it provided plenty of creative and original comedy material which had the audience in stitches.

Slim - Best Male Comedian The Black Comedy Awards 2013

Slim – ‘Best Male Comedian’ – The Black Comedy Awards 2013

Slim later went on to win Best Male Comedian at The 10th Anniversary Black Comedy Awards 2013. On this showing it was not hard to see why he retained his crown for the third consecutive Black Comedy Awards. This is a title he’s held since winning it at this very venue, IndigO2 in November 2009.

Marriage Proposal

See Tiemo comment below 25.08.14

Magic! Rude

Curtis Walker

Great performance from ‘The Don’ of comedy. Well I’m sure everyone except the DJ thought it was. Poor soul. He got ribbed mercilessly as Curtis made it quite clear he didn’t want any music played nor DJ’s running around behind him as he performed. “I’m old school. I’ve got jokes.” Hilarious. Do not mess with Mr Walker when he’s working!

Curtis Walker

Curtis Walker Winner ‘Best Radio Host’ – The Black Comedy Awards 2013

The self depracating holiday jokes re his Jamaican family’s reaction to his increased weight brought the house down.  

Curtis won the ‘Best Radio Host’ award for his colourful radio show at The Black Comedy Awards 2013. Curtis was funny in poking fun at the title of this show ‘ World Superstars of Comedy II’ whilst observing that most of the line up could have got to the venue via Oyster card and London Transport!

Michael Blackson

Last on was the night’s headliner … quite an honour considering most acts on the line up are regular headliners. Alas Liberian/Ghanain Actor and Comedian Michael Blackson failed to live up to his headliner billing. There was far too much “mother F this, and mother F that” for my liking.  It was as if he’d just watched a Richard Pryor video c1975 and decided that’s what he needs to do to sound American and funny. Alas that approach just didn’t work. Whilst there were some god gags that hit the mark, too many fell way short and that was reflected in a number of people walking out during his closing set.

Whether the line up merited the title, world superstars of comedy, as Curtis Walker pondered on stage, is debatable. What is beyond doubt though, is that the audience were treated to a tremendous night of comedy from some of the best Black British comedians around today.

World Superstars of Comedy video promoting the 3rd November 2013 show.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

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4 Responses to World Superstars of Comedy II

  1. Alan says:

    I enjoyed watching Richard Blackwood, he has some good relationship one liners and Jamaican rib joke comments and banter, he made me laugh that night.
    I loved Kojo he was one of my favorites, love listening to him on the radio , he covered a range of funny issues and had me screaming, I didn’t realise he was so funny, I can’t wait to see him again!!!!
    Slim’s up beat, real and funny. I loved his daughter’s birthday party gig was hilarious, especially the picture painted about what look she had to have for her smokey PARTY. I also liked his birthday treat joke too, a scream, just so real, he’s so right people do that all the time????
    You always know when Curtis comes on the stage, you will be in tears of laughter. Curtis is old skool and his jokes are well held jokes, that are bound to get you in the laughing mood. I love the relative, belief and taking the piss jokes and yes the DJ did get picked on, just like the others, he was great.
    Not sure if Michael Blackson failed to live up to his headliner billing, he was different, I agree too near the mark with his jokes and swore too much, a bit of a filthy mouth. However it was the older generation that left early to get their trains home and the younger generation who stayed and laughed at his jokes. Clearly with unsolicited swearing in records on ‘yube tube’ and jokes following that line, yes the younger crowd may well have liked him. Yes church goers will not find his jokes appealing, I agree!!!
    I come from South London and all the acts came from there too, so I was glad to support them, not sure if Michael is from South London, but I did laugh at some of his jokes, I got tired of the rudeness towards the end, maybe that is why he was last?
    I agree a tremendous night of comedy from some of the best Black British comedians around today and good luck to them for winning all those awards!!!

  2. Tiemo Talk says:

    Thanks for the comments Alan.

    I also should have mentioned there was a bit of an exclusive on the night. A very special occasion indeed. Richard Blackwood asked a young man, I think one of the musicians/technical team to step forward. He did so. The spoke briefly. RB then invited a young lady to come to the stage. She did so. Young man then got down on his knees. The crowd erupted. No, not because he was about to propose to Richard Blackwood. Now that would have been a ting!! No, he was about to propose to his woman. He did so. She said … yes and the place broke out into applause. A lovely and unexpected moment, not just for the lady, but for everyone present.

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