Mens Comedy Health Check II


Men’s Comedy Health Check II

Bernie Grant Arts Centre

London N15

Saturday 2nd November 2013

After a hugely successful, sold out first Men’s Comedy Health Check in June 2013, the team behind in responded to public demand by putting on a repeat show at Bernie Grant Arts Centre.

As with the first show we had what is termed great “edutainment” as top comedians performed very funny stand up comedy, with a health message underpinning the humour.

Tony Hendriks

Tony Hendriks was, as always, on sparkling form as he acted out the role of a reluctant male patient getting his prostate checked out.  Too many men die of ignorance was the key message. Felicity Ethnic (Best Female Comedienne – The Black Comedy Awards 2102) covered this theme too and knows from losing her father to this that if treated early enough it is one of the most curable cancers.

So guys, if you have any concerns, niggles, don’t let them fester on your mind. Go and see your GP.

Tony emphasised the importance of a good healthy diet, based on eating ‘ital’ food i.e. raw, natural food such as vegetables.

Host for the evening Eddie Nestor was on fine form again, mixing good humour with seriousness. His interview with the Asian males Nurse Shiraz Ranrar of Prostate Cancer UK was very illuminating. He starkly highlighted that 10,000 men per annum die of prostate cancer. It’s unnecessary and being diagnosed too late can be fatal. “As men we have to take responsibility for our health,” he urged. His message was apt for November , for as organiser Dr Vanessa Bogle, informed me prior to the show, “the event co-incides with ‘Movember’, which is a global awareness raising campaign for prostate and testicular cancer.” If you notice more men sprouting moustaches this month than normal this is why.

Victor Romero Evans

One of the Kings of Lovers Rock, Victor Romero Evans, was, aside from Eddie, the busiest artist of the night, coming on stage three times to perform – firstly in a sketch about substance abuse – apparently he’d worked on that on the day and to be fair it wasn’t a patch on his ‘drunk’ sketch with a bottle which is hilarious, with a powerful message re the dangerous spiral one can get into when hitting the bottle too much and becoming an ending up an alcoholic.

The day of the show was actually his birthday and it was a measure of the man that he didn’t actually labour the point and whilst on for a third time to sing a couple of songs, he instead called out a lady in the audience who also shared his birthday and dedicated a song to her.  Luckily his entertainment pals didn’t let the occasion pass and it was lovely to see a birthday cake brought out for him and all the performers join him on stage to sing ‘Happy Birthday.’

Curtis Walker

Curtis Walker, once again was given weight loss as his topic. Why I don’t know he seems healthy enough to me. Perhaps he’ll have to go on the Gina Yashere weight loss regime before they stop giving him this topic!

He as on cracking form, poking fun at himself and urging men to get fit, join a gym. He’s at an age when it’s not just his elders passing away, but his peers who are fitter than him, people such as the late Felix Dexter.

Organiser, Dr Vanessa Bogle spoke at the end to encourage all men to get themselves checked out if they have any health concerns at all and for women to encourage their partners/male family members to do the same. It was clear she cared passionately about this subject. This is a great initiative and I look forward to seeing a Men’s Comedy Health Check III.

Eddie Nestor, Tony Hendriks, Curtis Walker and Felicity Ethnic are all nominees who have succeeded in making it through to the second round of voting in The Black Comedy Awards 2013. Winners are determined by the general public’s vote, so if these or any other comedians catch your eye, you can vote for them on-line. Voting lines for Round 2 runs between 7th – 20th November 2013.

Eddie Nestor will be re-united with his regular co-host Robbie Gee to host the 10th anniversary of The Black Comedy Awards and Christmas Party on Thursday 19th December 2013 at Crystal Banqueting Hall, Wembley.

To view full event details and videos on nominees, vote and purchase tickets for the The Black Comedy Awards Ceremony and Christmas Party please visit

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  2. kennydcruz says:

    Is this you Michael?

    It looks like things have kicked off nicely – good gigs, I wish I could make it!

    Do you ever video record these?

    Looking forward to checking in with you – Kenny

    On 10 November 2013 21:45, tiemotalkofthetown

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