Gina Yashere Live – Croydon


Gina Yashere Live

Fairfield Halls

Croydon, Surrey

Thursday 31st October 2013

Jo Jo Smith

A welcome surprise before Gina took to the stage for her final performance during her one month, October 2013, UK tour, was Jo Jo Smith.

Jo Jo Smith

Jo Jo Smith

The banter she had with the front row was absolutely hilarious and unforgettable. She struck deep into a mine of comedy gold with the mother, son and ex husband family all sat together in the front row at the Ashcroft Theatre in Fairfield Halls. So you’re clear, this is the family, where the son is 30. Yet mum and dad split up 15 years ago. One of the other four children is 14. Before you ask … they’d known each other for ten years prior to dating. Do the maths! Different fathers for different children. The way Jo Jo dissected it all and tried to make sense of this set up was hilarious and had the packed audience rolling about with laughter. It was comedy turned into the Jeremy Kyle show.

Her other pet subject was sex. It would appear that Jo Jo simply can’t get enough of it. Or at least that used to be the case in her younger days. I began to wonder if she should change her name to Madame Jo Jo the way she went on? In closing, she urged women to get as much dick as they can before the menopause kicks in and takes away the desire. I don’t know about the sex, but I for one couldn’t get enough of Jo Jo Smith and can’t wait to see her again.

Gina Yashere

It’s always good to see Gina Yashere during one of her infrequent returns to the UK. At times it feels like catching up with an old friend as she regales us with her latest tales from across the pond.

With her close cropped hair and waif like frame she’s certainly looking a lot thinner than when here in 2012 and even then she looked really slim. At least we know she’s not embracing the over eating side of popular American culture.

Gina Yashere

Gina Yashere – Best International Comedian 2012 

Gina sounded cheerily  wistful as she reminisced, if that’s the right word, about pre-internet, pre-Jimmy Savile ‘awareness’ , pre-paedophile days when the worst young girls had to worry about were flashers.

She skilfully engaged a 28 year old man in the audience throughout her set to emphasise the point we live in different times and are of different generations.  I’ve observed Dara O’Briain, Stephen K Amos and many other comedians effectively adopt such a technique in their shows.

It was interesting to hear her take on Jimmy Savile and the dread, which many felt, hoping, praying that no venerable, respected Black stars got implicated. It’s sadly still very much a current affairs story, which is good for Gina as this tour will have been a rare opportunity to tackle the subject before a British audience and means her material is still topical.

Gina dropped some shocking statistics in the show and whether they’re true or not I don’t know, but when talking about the out of control gun laws in America she mentioned that just about every mass killer there has ever been in the USA has been on the prescription drug Ritalin. So anyone presenting as a little bit hyper is prescribed the drug. It’s that making people crazy, never mind them being a little hyper she surmised.

On the subject of health, Gina was full of praise for the NHS. It’s not hard to see why when she points out that you would be charged a cool, or rather blood boiling, $1,000 for a ride in an ambulance. You know. One of those “cab rides” you didn’t call for, have no choice about and probably aren’t in the ‘mood’ for haggling about. Apparently if a heart monitor is used on you, that’s $15k!! $16k. KERCHING!!!

She poked fun at her own bizarre OCD rituals. Judging by what we heard, to share a hotel room or home with Gina must be quite something.

Her material on Oscar Pistorius, sex parties and the Cleveland kidnappings were humorous, on point and made you think again about your opinions on well known stories.


Gina delivered a polished, funny, interesting and engaging two hour show in front of a packed Fairfield Halls. Gina is the reigning ‘Best International comedian’ Black Comedy Awards 2012 and whilst not defending her title this year, on this showing will be a strong contender for ‘Best Female’ at the Black Comedy Awards 2013, for which she has recently succeeded in reaching Round 2 of the public voting process that will decide the winners. 

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The Black Comedy Awards 2013

Gina Yashere is a nominee for ‘Best Female Comedienne’ at The Black Comedy Awards 2013. This will be the 10th Anniversary of the awards and takes place on 19th December 2013.

To vote in the awards (all but two category winners will be decided by the public vote) as well as purchase tickets to attend the Crystal Banqueting Hall Awards Ceremony and Christmas Party go to The Black Comedy Awards 2013

Voting and Tickets for the Awards Ceremony

To vote in the awards (note: All winners, except the Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Selling DVD,  are determined by the public vote) as well as purchase tickets to attend the awards ceremony please visit the Black Comedy Awards

Round 2 Public voting runs between 7th – 20th November 2013. 

Round 3 Public voting runs between 22 November – 7th December 2013.

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6 Responses to Gina Yashere Live – Croydon

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  2. Jean says:

    Girls, Jo Jo Smith, was a scream and really funny. The mixing up of the “is your son your partners son”!!! NO HE IS NOT! was so funny, of course, there is no way you could not keep up with the maths!! and every time she paused, scratched her head, it made it even funnier.

    Her sex jokes were a scream quiet low dirty common humour, but hilarious. It is true I guess the more you do it, keeps with the old menopause at bay, as she urged women to get as much dick as possible I creased with laughter, she may be right older women may not desire it so much later. She must have been advertising ‘for toy boys’!!!. I too can’t wait to see her again.

    Well, Gina Yashere, was on top form and I am so glad I saw her, I never stopped laughing, she was so on the ball and tore the place down with continued laughter. America has not changed that woman. South London true and true. I enjoyed the Jimmy Savile ‘awareness’ , pre-paedophile joke. She created fun and the way she skipped about the stage demonstrating how things were in those days regarding flashers.

    The NHS and $1,000 for a ride in an ambulance in America joke was funny, but also a reality..

    I can relate to her OCD rituals and the way she jokes about it. Yes girls important to be clean.

    I recently heard a joke about the Cleveland kidnappings and again it was humorous, but a reality, COME ON GIRLS! What black girl would let a BBQ happen just above them and it was their mother who was doing up stairs while they are locked away from the world, cant see that can you!!!!

    She also plugged her dvd and that made me laugh, get this,you got to talk to her if you bought one, so what a treat, she’s looking good……

    • Tiemo Talk says:

      LoL. Your reply made me laugh. Thanks for the response and glad you enjoyed the show as well. Top night for female comedy.

      GIRLS – I hope you’ll be pleased to see that The Black Comedy Awards features 3 female Comediennes and female singer on the line up, with 3 male comedians. GO GIRLS!! These include nominees Glenda Jaxson, Linda Hargreaves and Kenyan Glenda McGrath, plus Jamaican singer Nicci.

      Tickets and voting here

      Closing date for Round 2 voting – 20th November 2013.

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