Stand up for the comedy school


Stand up for the comedy school

The Comedy Store

London W1

Monday 21st October 2013

An Amazing night was held, at the Comedy Store in London’s Piccadilly Circus, on 21st October 2013. The evening’s entertainment was in aid of fundraising for The Comedy School and featured a number of comedy school alumni, including Quincy, Dane J Babtiste, Glenda Jaxson, Imran Yusuf, Slim & Kojo.

The purpose of the show was to ‘stand up for the Comedy School’ and recognise its importance in developing good comedians and who knows, perhaps prize-winning comedians of the future! More about that later!

JUDITH JACOB,  a well-established Actor/Comedy Actress co-compered the night with Quincy and opened  with a tribute to the late Felix Dexter, who had passed away just 3 days before this show on 18th October 2013. Ironically he was due to perform a comedy school workshop three days after this show, on 24th October 2013.


Her tribute came across as a bit of rushed supplementary item, that she hadn’t really thought through, which is a shame. I think a simple minute’s silence or round of applause would have been appropriate and fitting. I recognise this show was just three days after the news so it was a lot to take in and adapt the show to mark Felix’s passing.

She was quite entertaining as a compere overall and the game in the second half was good fun and saw an entertaining battle to win the prize hamper on offer.


QUINCY, the main host of the stand up for Comedy School was very funny, charismatic and demonstrated a nice display of animated humour, which tickled the audience, with his eyes trained on the them as he identified his victims, sorry, key people to joke with.



He won everybody over and it was great to see everyone laughing. He warmed up the audience nicely with killer one liners regarding tourism, relationships, and his’ men and women’ can’t be friends jokes. Many of the jokes were risqué and border line. Some in the audience wondered if they would be made the butt of the jokes and of course some were! For example, he knew a few of the couples he were talking to were same sex couples, however he joked with them, without pointing that out or offending them. It was inclusive and non-patronising which was good.  The key is don’t sit to near the front, or if you do, be prepared to laugh, participate and  laugh again at other people’s expense next time.

On this excellent performance it’s not hard to see why Quincy is a four time nominee at The Black Comedy Awards 2013.

You can vote for Quincy or any of the other nominees via The Black Comedy Awards

The awards ceremony takes place on 19th December 2013 at Crystal Banqueting Hall, Wembley.

Dane Babtiste

Dane was excellent in his riffs on office life and not wanting to avoid socialising outside of work time with his co-workers. I loved his stories re air travel, road works and all manner of everyday subjects he covered in his deadpan style.

You can vote for Dane Baptiste or any of the other nominees via The Black Comedy Awards



A new comedian to me and many in the audience, MANOS from Samos in Greece was hilarious. It was very much humorous edutainment as he covered the economy, the Greek language and etymology in his wide ranging set. Very dry. Very funny as he tackled politics, immigration and everyday living in London.

Glenda Jaxson

Nominee Best Female Comedienne 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011

Nominee Best Female Comedienne 10th Black Comedy Awards 2013

None of the comedians went down the politically correct line. GLENDA JAXSON was comically animated and hilarious, with a talent to make you SCREAM with laughter.  Following on from the witty, side-splitting jokes from, Quincy, Dane J Babtiste and Manos, she cracked more side-splitting jokes relating to real life situations you normally run a mile from. Oh yes, she went there!!! – she ranted about children, aka  the youths dem, who wind parents up and cracked a joke about ‘old skool’ respect for your parents and her ‘blood’ joke, which had the  audience laughing out loud.

She had a real thing about ugly people, positional sex (who wouldn’t!!!) the male appendage and how it ‘behaves’ shall we say. She even humoured the audience with a J Lo and weight joke.

She had the audience wanting more and more.

Based on this excellent performance Glenda Jaxson will be a strong contender for Best Female comedienne at the Black Comedy Awards 2013.

You can vote for Glenda or any of the other nominees via The Black Comedy Awards

Imran Yusuf

IMRAN YUSUF provided witty, jesting, sophisticated humour, however very NON ‘PC’ at times. He didn’t care and picked on; men, women (women with big boobs), children, religion (he cracked up the audience with a religious ”GETTING IT WRONG” joke and of course this made the audience beg for more!!!!), life, and CRACKED many economic and political intelligent jokes. The clue is in the writing in his name Imran Yusuf, he is not black, but asked to be a black representative comedian. He proceeded to laugh at his own jokes, which clearly TICKLED the audience!!!


Slim - Performer on the night and Double WInner - Best Male Comedian and Funniest Comedy Moment 2011 @ TIemo Entertainments Black Comedy Awards 2011

Slim – Double Winner – Best Male Comedian and Funniest Comedy Moment @ Black Comedy Awards 2012

SLIM. Loved his walking, puzzled, animated, SHOW STOPPING manner and fell about laughing at his jokes. YES, his famous “I want to ask you a question STYLE JOKE”, which CRACKS UP the audience at the PUNCH LINE, went down so well Monday night.

I enjoyed the new material about organising his daughter’s 16th birthday party and the Rasta’s.

We heard the bus driving anecdotes again. Always good to hear.

Slim is defending Best Male Comedian at this year’s Black Comedy Awards. You can vote for Slim or any of the other nominees in these categories via The Black Comedy Awards


kojoKOJO was amazing. He knows he’s funny.  He takes his time to warm you up, but when he lets rip, the one liners, just don’t STOP COMING. You find yourself doing your dignified laughing at the non- PC jokes, then YOU find yourself, like the audience amazingly, HOOTING and LAUGHING at jokes from his Choice FM,  now Capital One Extra show, re Katherine from Croydon and Avatar. There were plenty of naughty sex jokes too, which tickled the audience’s fancy.

Kojo is a triple nominee at The Black Comedy Awards – Best Male Comedian, Best Radio or TV host and Best Selling DVD for ‘Live and Kicking’.

You can vote for Kojo or any of the other nominees in these categories via The Black Comedy Awards

Felix Dexter

The show closed with a fitting and respectful tribute to the late, great FELIX DEXTER with a minute’s standing applause. Tiemo’s obituary to Felix Dexter.

The Black Comedy Awards 2013

Quincy, Glenda Jaxson, Dane Baptiste, Slim and Kojo are all nominees in The Black Comedy Awards 2013. This will be the 10th Anniversary of the awards which take place on 19th December 2013.

To vote in the awards (most category winners will be decided by the public vote) as well as purchase tickets to attend Crystal Banqueting Hall awards ceremony go to The Black Comedy Awards  2013

Voting and Tickets for the Awards Ceremony

To vote in the awards (note: All winners, except the Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Selling DVD,  are determined by the public vote) as well as purchase tickets to attend the awards ceremony please visit the Black Comedy Awards

The Comedy School


The Comedy School is the only arts organisation of its kind in the UK which works with comedy in many different settings. It aims to raise the profile of the many uses of comedy, from stimulating personal creativity to encouraging social skills and improving literacy. They achieve this through their innovative workshop, performance and arts projects.

The Comedy School is a non profit organisation and relies heavily on volunteers and donations. They also welcome any specialist advice or work that can be given pro-bono. Therefore if you feel you can contribute in any way please contact them.

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3 Responses to Stand up for the comedy school

  1. john says:

    Great show for the Comedy School, good to see the comedians trained there coming back to put on such an excellent show!

    Really enjoyed Judith Jacobs. She was very funny and created some very animated jokes, along with Imran Yusuf, Glenda Jackson, Slim and KoJo.

    I didn’t even realise Kojo could be so funny and on par with Glenda and Slim with some of his jokes. I agree these comedians are well worth voting for. The non PC jokes were OK, compared to some of the shows I have been to…… Can’t wait to see them again.

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