Rice n Peas n Caviar!


The Lamp Tavern


Birmingham Comedy Festival

5th October 2013

“Wolverhampton’s unexploded comedy time-bomb, Linda Hargreaves, detonates during the Birmingham Comedy Festival in her one-woman show.

In Rice n Peas n Caviar Linda wants to introduce us to her girls – a cheeky, irreverent, hilarious look at the larger-than-life characters she meets in her travels. Her portraits are as full of affection as they are full of satire. Your view of the world won’t be the same when you leave as it was when you arrived.”

Written and Performed: Linda Hargreaves
Directed: Rod Dungate

linda hargreaves

It’s not every day you get to see a new female comedy act so I really looked forward to seeing Linda Hargreaves in her one woman show, her debut show. She was performing it at The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham, as part of the fledgling, new Birmingham Comedy Festival 2013, running for the second consecutive year.

In an all too brief visit to the Midlands, this was the one show of the festival that really caught my eye.

Linda Hargreaves, from Wolverhampton, delivered an hour long show that showcased three main characters. First up, we were introduced to The Hon Tish Tushingham, a kind of Sloane Ranger Upper class woman, living in the countryside, riding her horses and enjoying all kinds of lady of leisure activities. The character was very amusing, with her set deliciously peppered with neat one liners. Being a Black woman just happened to make her character more comical and unique. Not at all your typical Sloane ranger!

After a brief break we enjoyed Mrs Kendrick, an Irish, Mancunian, factory worker with an interesting and saucy side to her. The characterisation was funny, fresh and feisty.

Lastly, we saw Linda as an elderly Jamaican lady, Assumpta Beattie, living in London. This character went down very well with the audience. Even I got picked out by her for apparently not admiring the Queen and was given a photo of Her Majesty to take home!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Linda Hargreaves show and judging by the laughter reverberating around the packed Lamp Tavern, I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. The characters were fresh, funny and feisty with plenty of razor sharp punch lines coming at you from all angles.

It’s great to see new talent on the female comedy scene. Linda Hargreaves is a star in the making and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.  

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

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6 Responses to Rice n Peas n Caviar!

  1. Pauline says:

    Very refreshing to be entertained by someone who is highly creative. She is a Star…..not one in the making. Best comedy I have seen in ages!

  2. Tiemo Talk says:

    Thanks for your comment Pauline. I hear you. Linda without a doubt delivered a star performance on the night. She captured the imagination and total attention of the whole audience.

    Ironically and sadly I have a very tragic footnote to add to my review.

    On the night I wrote it, 18th October, I was thinking of Felix Dexter as the only other Black comedian who does character comedy. I was thinking it’s great that we now have someone else who also does that.

    Yesterday morning I awoke to hear of his untimely death on 18th October from multiple myeloma – a type of bone marrow cancer.

    Felix opened doors for many comedians to walk through. His final curtain call came far too soon, aged just 52.

    He will be greatly missed. A full obituary will be posted this week.

    R.I.P. Felix Dexter

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