Open Mic UK Regional Final – Midlands

Open Mic UK Regional Final




Saturday 5th October 2013

In a thoroughly entertaining UK Open Mic Regional heat (Midlands) audience and judges were entertained by 27 potential young singing stars of the future who were competing  in the 16-20 year olds category. The ultimate prize for the winner is £5,000 and an extensive winners publicity package. However, today was about getting through to the Midlands Regional Final on 24th November 2013.

There were mainly ballads and cover versions sung which became a tad monotonous after hearing so many.

One of the judges was even moved to remind the singers that this was a talent contest to find a star and singers needed to put some life into their performances and sing as if they had lived the lyrics.

The next performer on must have heard that. Nicci, from Redditch, who had previously lived in Jamaica for seven years, passionately belted out Myley Cyrus’s hit ‘Wrecking ball’. Sung just as if she truly felt the lyrics. Very enjoyable and a welcome break from the ballads.

Rhianna was by far the most covered artist of the night. Now that’s not something you often read! There were excellent performances from the likes of Italian Alicia Antoinetta, who delivered an excellent cover of ‘We found love.’ In her gorgeous silver dress Alicia looked every bit a star.

Surprisingly that’s something a lot of contestants let themselves down just by not dressing the part. This was show business after all.

Shannon beautifully sang a cover of Rhianna’s ‘Stay‘.

Another smash hit of the afternoon was Davina Wills (16) from Wolverhampton who sang a sensational version of Beyonce’s ‘One plus One‘. She too must have listened to the judge too as she was the first singer to really ‘own’ the stage, moving around confidently, making eye contact and singing directly to the audience.

This was an impressive, highly assured, confident and big performance for quite a vocally challenging song. Allied to the fact Davina is just 16 and singing for the first time in front of such a big audience at the prestigious NEC, this made her performance all the more impressive.

After 1.5 hours the show was almost over. It was time for the judges and audience to vote.

The winner is …

In fact, there were to be not one, not two, not merely three, but seven shortlisted to go through to the regional final. 

Congratulations to them all. Watch videos of many of the performers. I look forward to seeing more from these potential young stars of the future.

Wild Cards

You can vote on-line for a favourite who didn’t make it through to the final seven. Details via the links below.

Regional Finals

The final seven all go on to perform at the Midlands Final on Sunday 24th November at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham. The London & East Final is on the same day at The Beck Theatre, Hayes.

Information and tickets can be found here for the October and November 2013 shows and January 2014 Grand Final at the O2 arena.

Judges feedback can be read here

Tiemo Talk of the Town

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3 Responses to Open Mic UK Regional Final – Midlands

  1. Pauline says:

    Excellent competition! Impressive young talent and was much more interesting than I thought it would be.

  2. Tiemo Talk says:

    Thanks Pauline. Yes it was. So much so, that as a result of her superb and energy filled performance, one young singer, Nicci, has been booked to sing at The Black Comedy Awards 2013, the 10th anniversary of the awards no less. The awards take place in London on 19th December 2013. Tickets available on-line, as well as public voting too.

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