Perfect Match


Watford Palace Theatre

Saturday 12th October 2013

Tickets £10-12.50 19.09.13 – 19.10.13

Watford Palace Theatre – Information and Booking

“Joe and Anna have been together for nine years, and as far as he is concerned will stay together for another ninety. But the minute they set a date for the wedding, Anna panics. A new dating agency promises to scan the online persona of everyone in the world, guaranteeing to find your soul mate. Anna looks at Joe and wonders – can he really be her perfect match?

From the author of We That Are Left and Mrs Reynolds and the Ruffian, Gary Owen’s warm, wise and very funny comedy asks if it’s possible to find our perfect partner, or whether we’re better off leaving it to chance. Can our ideals of romantic love ever compete with reality?”

“What’s love got to do with it?” asked Tina Turner. A lot I would say, but that’s not all. If we think that it is down to us whom and when we fall in love, then seeing Gary Owen’s ‘Perfect Match’ might make you think again.

Focusing on the lives of two young, thirty something couples we are absorbed into the story of  true love verses star-crossed lovers played out simultaneously. This play manages to be shocking, complicated and highly amusing all at the same time.

We see Joe and Anna (Kelly Hatten) go through the agonies and pain of realising the plans they had, about to go astray. Joe, played by Ken Nwosu, acts the wounded party brilliantly and hilariously. Aaron and Lorna also go through their own relationship difficulties, albeit in a more robust, shall we say, manner.

Perfect Match is a rollicking, good, fun play. It makes you think on the eternal theme of meeting “the one” and whether the one you consider to be the one really is the one. If you follow my drift! Sometimes people assume one person is right for them, for they have chosen them and it’s meant to be, but sometimes something crazy and unexpected can happen to turn your world upside down. Maybe fate plays a much bigger part in things than we realize. Perhaps it is part of God’s order for there to be the ups and downs in life and relationships, right down to the person we meet and fall in or out of love with.

This play is part of the Watford Palace Theatre’s “Ideal World Season (running until 19th October 2013). Perfect Match is one of three new plays  commissioned by Watford Palace Theatre.

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4 Responses to Perfect Match

  1. Pauline says:

    I agree with review, this play was worth seeing…I was engrossed. The ending was a little disappointing though, as with all the complexity throughout the show I wasn’t expecting such a predictable ending. However I would highly recommend seeing!

    • Tiemo Talk says:

      Thanks for your comments Pauline. Yes it was certainly an interesting and engrossing piece of theatre from start to finish.

      Re the finale, I’m sure a certain Natasha Bedingfield would have loved it!

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