Black Comedy Awards 2013 Launch Soiree

The Black Comedy Awards Launch Soiree

Tuesday 16th July 2013
Ramada Encore London West
London W3

It was a case of standing room only for latecomers to The Black Comedy Awards 2013 Launch Soiree.

Stars of the small screen and stand up stage gathered at The Ramada Encore London West in North Acton for the launch soiree of The Black Comedy Awards 2013. The awards themselves take place on 3rd October 2013 at The Clapham Grand.

Major stars of the Black comedy circuit such as Curtis Walker, Leo Muhammad, Quincy and Rudi Lickwood, as well as award winning actor and Director Samuell Benta of ‘All about the McKenzies’ fame were gathered in the Ramada’s Piccadilly conference room to hear all about the plans for this year’s awards.

Not only that and far more importantly, they were there to find out who had been nominated and specifically, if they had been nominated.

Proceedings opened with a welcome and introduction from yours truly, The Black Comedy Awards Production Manager, Michael Peters.

Michael proceeded to make the first big announcement of the night, announcing that the host of the 2013 awards ceremony and this evening’s launch soiree, will be the very same host of the 2012 awards ceremony held at The Bloomsbury Theatre, Mr Rudi Lickwood.

Rudi Lickwood, looking resplendent in fashionable blue jeans and Black pin striped jacket, then hit the stage to wow the audience with a dazzling PowerPoint presentation and announcement of the nominees.

There was a lot of fun had with this as the audience greeted the announcement of nominees present with huge cheers and whoops of delight.

Congratulations to the likes of Curtis Walker, Leo Muhammad, Dana Alexander, Natalie Roberts, Aurie Styla, Limz, Quincy, Variety D and Samuell Benta who were amongst a number of nominees present.

Following the announcement, Joseph Allers of Black Entertainment UK, interviewed Michael Peters. This lead to very lively debate and discussion which caused Michael to remark that this seemed to have turned into one of Tiemo’s Talk of the Town topical debates!

Michael answered a wide range of questions from Joseph and the audience. Some of these and their responses are detailed below:

1. What can comedians and other nominees do to help promote the awards?

A – It would be great to help your own nomination, as well as the awards in general if you can raise awareness of the voting and ticket purchasing process by using social media and posting news on FaceBook, accepting and sharing the Event page link; tweeting and re-tweeting news and the need to vote and buy tickets via

Also by emailing your followers, texting, word of mouth, on stage, on radio and TV especially if you are a broadcaster or presenter.

2 – How can people vote and who decides the winners?

A – The general public will decide the winners in 13/15 categories. The only two not determined by the public vote is the Best Selling DVD and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Voting is FREE and done on-line via The Black Comedy Awards 2013

There are 2 rounds of voting.

The first round will run from 26th July to 26th August.

The second round will be based on the top 5 (or less) per category and will run from 1st-15th September 2013.

3. How were the nominees decided?

They were decided by Tiemo Entertainments in consultation with leading industry professionals including veteran Comedians such as John Simmit (Promoter and Comedian)  and Rudi Lickwood (who between them have 40 years comedy experience); Kush Films and Talawa theatre company were consulted on the film and theatre categories; plus Elisar Cabrera, Editor, British Web Series, on the Web Series category.

The best comedian nominees were selected by the criteria of ability, experience, popularity and crowd pulling ability; the newcomer nominees were based upon ability, age and experience. They were drawn from those who had under 5 years experience i.e. commenced live performing from 2009 or later.

Some categories pretty much self selected themselves as there were not too many names to consider e.g. the film, theatre, web series and best selling DVD categories.

There is an ‘other’ option in every category, so if people wish to vote for a comedian or show not nominated they can do so. That means any comedian or show not formally nominated can force their way into Round Two if they secure enough votes.

Tiemo’s Background

Tiemo’s experience includes organising and hosting a variety of prestigious events over the past 8+ years including The Black Comedy Awards 2012, comedy shows and national tours, charity fund raisers, topical debates and seminars.

In addition, via the Tiemo Talk of the Town Blog that reviews cultural events, theatre, cinema, music gigs, debates, seminars, conferences and comedy shows, Tiemo has garnered a good deal of knowledge regarding a wide variety of shows and comedians.

Tiemo has its finger on the comedy pulse when it comes to Black comedy, as we are the most prolific reviewers of Black comedy shows in Britain, with well over 100 reviews to our name in the last 2 years alone.

Glazz Campbell

The formalities ended with a stand out, stand up comedy set from Glazz Campbell. It’s been some years since he’s performed, but he took to the stage like he’d never been away. A bit like some of his jokes LoL. That’s not a criticism, as sometimes the old ones are the best and judging by the audience reaction they were delighted to see Glazz back on stage making them laugh.

He had everyone falling about with his one liners, Jamaican stories and “innocent abroad” in London tales.


Many of the nominees were interviewed by film crews from the media present including Black Entertainment UK and UKE NTV.

A selection of the interviews with Curtis Walker, Leo Muhammad, Aurie Styla and Quincy can be viewed below.

Free canapes and wine were laid on by Tiemo Entertainments as comedians and specially invited guests networked, partied and enjoyed themselves on a balmy, hot Summer’s night.

If the launch party is anything to go by The Black Comedy Awards 2013 are set to be a fabulous occasion. Taking place at The Clapham Grand on 3rd october 2013, make sure you have your say and vote, plus get your tickets in good time so that you do not miss out on what is all set to be the talk of the town.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

The Black Comedy Awards 2013

This will be the 10th Anniversary of the awards which take place on 3rd October 2013.

To vote in the awards (most category winners will be decided by the public vote) as well as purchase tickets to attend The Clapham Grand awards ceremony go to The Black Comedy Awards  2013

Voting and Tickets for the Awards Ceremony

To vote in the awards (note: All winners, except the Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Selling DVD,  are determined by the public vote) as well as purchase tickets to attend the Clapham Grand awards ceremony please visit the Black Comedy Awards

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    Are there tickets still available for 3rd October 2013?

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