Urbans Got Talent

Urbans Got Talent


Saturday 17th July 2013


London E1

The first thing that strikes you entering Urbans Got Talent is the enormous size of The Troxy Theatre and the glamour of it’s old fashioned art deco style. It’s classy and mature. Tables full of diners added a nice touch of glamour to the occasion.

Ten variety acts performed ranging from dancers and singers to poets and comedians.

Eddie Kadi 

Proceedings were overseen by Compere Eddie Kadi. Eddie was a capable, entertaining host who kept things ticking over nicely and introduced elements of fun and comedy with his expressive face and dancing. A fun touch was the running theme of the night that meant that every act was asked to perform a dance before vacating the stage. Eddie would often let them either do their own thing or join them in a dance off.

Eddie is a nominee for ‘Best Male Comedian’ in The Black Comedy Awards 2013. You can vote for him and any of the other nominees in this category via The Black Comedy Awards

The awards ceremony takes place in October 2013 at The Clapham Grand. 


Axel briskly got into his stride with a rather curious shout out. No not, the Caribbean Islands one, but his own unique one for ‘favourite supermarkets’. He has an ability to determine someone’s personality by the supermarket they most frequently shop in. Not sure how he knows this, but if he is accurate then he should be a marketing manager as well as a stand up comedian. I didn’t quite see the point of this as it all seemed a bit too arbitrary for my liking.

Axel is a double nominee for ‘ Best Male Newcomer’ and ‘Best Male Comedian’ in The Black Comedy Awards 2013. You can vote for him and any of the other nominees in this category via The Black Comedy Awards 2013

Layla Lay 

A short, young singer from the Brit School. She sang with three young white women and I must say I found her to be a terrible singer on the night. She was far too loud and excessively screechy. If she’d gone on any longer than she did I’d have been screaming myself … to be let out.

Her fellow Brit School alumni include the late Amy Winehouse, Adele and Jessie Jay. On the strength of this performance I don’t think we’ll be seeing this lady’s name up in lights anytime soon.


The street dance troupe Antics were excellent. They were the best act on so far. They were very skilled at delivering an energetic and fun performance. I loved all their spinning and somersaults.

My main criticism would be they were on for too long and there were too many moments when different dancers had solo’s leaving the other four members just watching. Not dancing. Which is what they are on stage to do. Whilst at times of course it’s right to give the lead dancer the spotlight, that shouldn’t leave long periods where the others aren’t dancing.

Chris Preddie OBE 

Chris Preddie brought a calmer pace to the night with his melodic, thoughtful poetry. He spoke of making dreams a reality.

He is the youngest Black man ever to be invited to Buckingham Palace, when he received his OBE. Whether or not he dreamt of this that’s quite an achievement for one so young.

He was a pretty nifty dancer too and in my view was certainly the best dancer at this point during the dance off’s. He was versatile and made full use of the stage to strut his funky stuff.

A Dot Comedian 

A Dot delivered a mixed set. There was some original material re how he rates girls as 8,9 and 10/10 etc… Nothing really ground breaking here, but he demonstrated a confident persona and with better material could do well.

Robyn Travis                 

Author and ex-Offender Robin Travis spoke about his motivational book. ‘Prisoner to the streets’ and how he had turned his life around following a spell inside. There was a lot of chatter going on at the back of the theatre, which was a bit rude when he was on stage. He took a brave stance to call out the talkers and state he would not continue until they stopped talking.

That was a brave move as things could have gotten out of hand or his pleas could have fallen on deaf ears. Chatter died down but not completely and he continued.

I think his message and tone was a bit too serious for a talent show, but I’m glad he continued as he had a positive message to get out there to encourage youths to change their lives if they were heading in the wrong direction. 

I think better use of the video screens around the venue should have been made and rather than juts show sponsor adverts/names, show the action on stage, for that would have helped maintain the attention more of those furthest away from the stage and might have quietened the chatter from those at the back. They think their talk won’t be heard but it is as their collective sound travels

Rough Copy 

Excellent three strong singing outfit. They took part in X Factor  2012 and acquitted themselves very well on that show and here today. Great voices and harmonies. One of the acts of the night without a doubt.

Will. E Robo 

USA Comedians Will.E Robo delivered a competent, purposeful set.  He engaged well with the audience and had them laughing away at his antics.

Will is a nominee for ‘Best International Comedian’ in The Black Comedy Awards 2013. You can vote for him and any of the other nominees in this category via The Black Comedy Awards 2013 

Circus of Horrors 

Excellent circus act. Great drama and spectacle in the old fashioned magical way. A bed of nails, sword and fire swallowing all part of their thrilling repertoire of magic.

Kane Browne 

The headline act of the night was Kane Brown. He got of to a somewhat edgy, difficult start by calling out a guy in the front row and embarrassing him re looking at a woman walking by. So much so the guy left his seat to come on stage to “discuss the matter further!” Awkward.  It wasn’t necessary for Kane to have gone in so hard on a paying customer just enjoying his meal and the “scenery”.

Fortunately sufficient people were around to stop him actually getting on the stage. Could have been interesting to say the least. The night before I attended ‘Comedy Fight Night’. That almost happened for real at The Troxy.

Kane’s material spanned relationships, gender and appearances. All delivered with gusto and passion and was quite well received.

I look forward to seeing Kane again. He will be performing at The Black Comedy Awards 2013 and is also a nominee for ‘Best Male Comedian’.  You can vote for him and/or any of the other nominees across 15 categories.

The awards ceremony takes place in October 2013. Tickets can be purchased via the same link.

Late finish

The long show and late finish was a real negative. Exactly the same thing happened with Comedy Fight Night the night before this show, 16th August 2013. Finishing at around mid-night meant a dash for trains or departure before the end for a number of people. For a show that started at 8.15pm that shouldn’t really have happened. Four hours is just too long for a talent showcase. This point is worth considering ahead of any further #UGT shows.


The show was OK. Urbans definitely got talent, unfortunately the best talent wasn’t at The Troxy tonight. Considering it was a talent show, it might have been nice to have had a panel of Judges scoring the show.

Well done to promoters ‘Show Love and Dizzle Workz’ for putting on this show.  They delivered a well run, well organised talent show, featuring a good variety of talent, of varying ability and experience.

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25th August 2013

The Black Comedy Awards 2013

Axel, Eddie Kadi, Kane Brown and Will.E Robo are all nominees in The Black Comedy Awards 2013. This will be the 10th Anniversary of the awards which take place on 3rd October 2013.

To vote in the awards (most category winners will be decided by the public vote) as well as purchase tickets to attend The Clapham Grand awards ceremony go to The Black Comedy Awards  2013

Voting and Tickets for the Awards Ceremony

To vote in the awards (note: All winners, except the Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Selling DVD,  are determined by the public vote) as well as purchase tickets to attend the Clapham Grand awards ceremony please visit the Black Comedy Awards

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