Lee Nelson Tour

Lee Nelson Tour
24th May 2013
Alban Arena
St Alban’s

A huge, sold out audience came to see that man from the telly, star of Lee Nelson’s Well Funny show and in my opinion got just that. A well funny show. You might even say it was a game of two halves from Lee Nelson and his various alter ego’s including football star ‘ Jason Bent’.

As a consequence of his past show and notorious TV show, Lee attracts quite a boisterous crowd, who at times add to the fun of the show with their witty wise cracks or detract from proceedings with their humourless, raucousness. For instance, engaging in good-natured opening repartee with the victims, sorry punters, in the front row. In response to what brings one couple to his show, he received the response “We won the booby prize in the raffle” which went down a storm and even had Lee himself laughing.

Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson

All too often there were constant heckles from certain members of the audience. Lee handle them with aplomb and cutting put downs but there persistence started to grate on the audience and Lee too. Security really should be observant to moments like this and ought to have taken decisive action (i.e throw them out of the theatre) when hecklers start spoiling the flow of the show. It is not really down to the Comedian to do so and have his planned performance turned on it’s head by idiots.

In a wide ranging show, highlights included the Black Pastor and the guy plucked from the audience to be “saved” from his sins. Cringeworthingly and shockingly hilarious – except perhaps for the poor fella who really didn’t know what he was letting himself in for!

I found Lee’s holiday rep character a bit too vulgar. He has a tendency to push the boundaries with his bad taste vulgarness. It’s part of the attraction to many I guess, yet he’s far better with characters such as Jason Bent and doing straightforward jokes.

Lee Nelson and friends at Alban Arena

The use of Powerpoint to make visual gags worked particularly well. This is a technique I saw Jimmy Carr put to good effect, last December 2012, during his tour. Jason Bent is a great caricature of the modern day Premier League footballer, rich beyond belief and selfish and narcissistic to boot.

Aside from certain characters, Lee is without doubt at his best with audience banter and snappy gags. He was interested in relationships tonight and age gap profiles – the newest relationship in the arena was only 9 months, the oldest couple had been together for 32 years. This lead to an on stage competition between the two couples which was pretty funny, but far too long and laboured. It could have served it’s purpose of making them the butt of the joke in much less time.

A little bit of politics was thrown in too, was some witty jokes re what life would be like for him living in somewhere like Dubai.

All in all this was a pretty good show.

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