Hanging out – Then and now

Hanging Out – Then and Now

***** 5/5


London Southbank

London SE1

Wednesday 22nd September 2013  

HANGING OUT – then and now is a 50-minute documentary about youth culture in London during the 1950’s, 60’s and now, directed by Lorna Holder & Yvonne Deutschman and produced by Tuareg Productions Ltd. From flower power fashion to designer brand obsession, from telephone box to mobile phone, from café & club culture to social online networking, experience HANGING OUT witness how music and the club scenes of the 1960s played a vital part in bringing black and white young people together. Watch the Mods and Rockers reveal how the press paid them a fiver to fight on the beaches of Brighton. Hear about Muhammad Ali’s first visit to Brixton and the story of Michael Jackson buying a safari hat that inspired his album OFF THE WALL. 

One thing hasn’t changed-is the passionate energy young people bring to anti-war protests and social changes. Highlights include former MP Tony Benn and Kurt Barling (BBC correspondent) in discussion with young people around the issues of protest.

Source: Hanging Out

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to live in London in the 1950’s and 1960’s, or wondered how life might have been for new immigrants to London, then ‘Hanging out’ is an enlightening, fascinating documentary to watch.

The documentary shines a light on everyday working and social life of the times. It was interesting to watch the multi-cultural mix of London socialising together on the Black club and live music scene. Best of all were the interviews with key movers and shakers and regular people from the time, including the stories from the bus driver who had so little to do after shifts that he’d regularly watch 10 films a week at his local cinema.

The amusing anecdotes about Michael Jackson and Muhammad Ali were great to hear. So were tales of the rivalry between Mods and Rockers. It may be a film about a different generation, but it is worth the younger generation watching it to get an understanding of life back then, so that they can better appreciate how things are today and how things have moved on, for instance, in terms of access to housing and greater access to a wider range of careers and employment opportunities.

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