Have Bloggers taken over as the leading oracle for Black Opinions?

The subject of where people get their ‘Black news’ from was discussed on Dotun Adebayo’s BBC Radio London show on Easter Sunday, 31st March 2013,  with contributions from The Voice Editor and MD George Ruddock and Lee Pinkerton of The Blakwatch.com

It was a good debate re the free press, in its literal sense v online news and how the newspaper industry can make money in an age when news is freely available, including from newspapers own free online websites. The Daily Telegraph are planning to start charging for it’s content, as The Sun, The Times and FT.com already do – all part of Mr Murdoch’s News International Group.

Lee said he doesn’t see himself as a rival to the press as he doesn’t deliver news, but is more a rival to columnists such as Dotun Adebayo’s weekly ‘The Voice’ column. The debate can be heard from 32mins -50mins on the BBC London 94.9FM listen again feature online until around 10pm 7th April 2013.

This ties in with a recent ‘The Voice’ article, Issue 1567, dated March 14-20th 2013,  on the rise of the Black Blogger which I wrote about a few weeks ago.

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