Ideal Home Show 2013

Ideal Home Show 2013 **** 4/5
Earls Court Arena

Sunday 24th March 2013
Daily: 10-6pm. (Late night till 9pm Thursday’s)
15th March – 1st April

Tickets: £10-18.50. Free for children under 16.

In one word, you can get a sense of the sheer size of the Ideal Home Show. It’s a word that can also be said to describe the size of Mayor Boris Johnson’s ego. Gigantic. Yes, that just about does it. This was my first time ever attending the historic show that has been running for 105 years since it’s first show in 1908 established and founded by, believe it or not, the Daily Mail as a publicity tool and means of increasing advertising revenue.

Filling two levels of the enormous Earls Court arena, there’s everything on offer from food and drink, hair products, back pain cures, sofas, beds and all things electrical and domestic for the home.
Not only that, as you walk about you can barely move for being offered samples of wines and all assortment of culinary delicacies. Delicious.

Each day there are fashion shows and displays from all manner of experts and celebrities including Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and Celebrity Chef Greg Wallace.

LL Bowen IHS 2013

A few stands caught my interest. Those selling art work such as the stand with paintings which lit up. A beautiful twist to a standard painting format. I also loved all the stands with chairs that promised to ease all manner of aches and pains including arthritis, back, knee and shoulder pain for instance.

Another of the stands gaining a lot of interest was that selling what at first sight seems relatively ordinary, yet has a simple twist to it’s design that was proving a big hit with the public. I refer to the Easyfit Bedding duvet cover. Admittedly not the sexiest or most glamorous of products on show, yet like cutlery or a TV for instance, it’s something most people use on a daily basis. The Easyfit Bedding’s unique difference is that it’s duvet covers all have 4 slots on each side that fully zip shut the duvet. This means an end to those struggles to squeeze in awkward fitting duvet’s and buttoning them up. Simple, yet I can imagine it being quite satisfying and time saving. Judging by the constant queues for this stand many seem to feel the same way.

ideal woman show wgt loss photo

Regular fashion shows at the Ideal Woman area were also good to watch. I didn’t find my ideal woman there, but it did provide a welcome opportunity to watch the show, relax and enjoy a break from all the walking around the show.

It was nice to see Delboy’s three wheeler from ‘Only Fools & Horses’ too. Why I don’t know, but there it was. There’s a daily competition running for those attending who take the best photo of the much loved car.                   

Whether you’re looking to modernise one or two rooms, the whole house or just fancy a good day out where you’ll have some fine and perhaps be inspired to get something to improve your home, then I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to the Ideal Home Show. It runs from 15th March – 1st April 2013 and is open daily from 10-6pm, with late night Thursday’s till 9p.m.

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1 Response to Ideal Home Show 2013

  1. janice chambers says:

    My friend and I enjoyed wondering around the Ideal Home Show Exhibition. There is something for everyone there. I found the samples limited, plenty of leaflets and opportunities to go and visit the organisations or shops selling furniture or items, that was not our intention. The lighting, kitchen and bedroom furniture was disappointing. When you are there, you want to see as much as you can, so you can choose that ideal item for your home, that didn’t happen for us. Although, was happy to wiz around in 3 hours. We enjoyed the space and managed to get in for £5.00!!! So great to do the visit as effectively as possible and met very nice people down there too.

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