Mek Mi Laugh – Mother’s Day Show

Mek Mi Laugh – Mother’s Day ***** 4/5

Harrow Arts Centre

Hatch End

Middlesex HA5

Sunday 10th March 2013

Mothering Sunday saw the return of the popular Mek Mi Laugh show to Harrow Arts Centre. As usual it showcased well established comedians with relative newcomers. On this occasion, an hilarious night of comedy featured Mo the Comedian, Jefferson and Whitfield, Thanyia Moore, Slim and host Rudi Lickwood (pictured below right with Jefferson).

whitfield n rudi mml 10.03.13

Mo the Comedian

Mo the Comedian. I like the name. Presumably so people don’t confuse him with Mo the Athlete or Mo, the local Butcher, or even Little Mo from Eastenders! Well there’s no danger of that for M to the C, or MtC for short as I like to call Mo, for he did exactly what his moniker suggests and had the audience merrily laughing away throughout his performance.

Mo’s in his mid 20’s and is a relative newcomer to the comedy scene. The audience loved his mum dance routine as he neatly used the classic Gwen McCrae hit ‘All This Love I’m Giving You’ to demonstrate how his mother dances to the song. Not only that, he took it to another level by acting out the lyrics of the song in the way his mother does! Judging by the knowing laughter from the packed audience at Harrow Arts Centre Mrs Mo the Comedian isn’t the only mother who does this dance. It could even be your mother. Or even you. Yes you. You know who you are!

Take me out

I loved Mo’s ‘Take Me Out’ routine. It was very funny indeed unfortunately he was badly let down by the CD jamming, forcing him to switch to other jokes. He started off by saying he was going to list three things every man needs to know about women. Hmmm. Just the three!! Alas, just as he were getting into this the music came back on as the DJ to my mind rudely interrupted and played the ‘All This Love I’m Giving You’ record again so he went back to that routine.

That was a bit unprofessional of the DJ and spoilt the flow since Mo and audience had moved on. It also meant we didn’t get to hear what these three things were! The men of Harrow and myself will be forever lost until Mo the Comedian returns to explain this mystery. After this performance I’m sure he’ll be welcome back.

My only other criticism would be that he should consider varying the music used to make his point. It became somewhat repetitive to keep hearing the same song.            

Mo the Comedian was a nominee for ‘Best Young Male’ Comedian at Tiemo’s Black Comedy Awards 2012 and on this performance stands a good chance of being a nominee again at the 2013 awards.

Jefferson & Whitfield

A rare performance from the veteran comedy double act started somewhat flat, with a plain, somewhat pedestrian entrance to the stage without either fanfare of opening music or a cheery, upbeat greeting to the audience.

They soon recovered from that though and went on to joke about the London 2012 Olympics and its  impact on East London, relationships, mother’s day jokes and a general trip down memory lane with some of their jokes which appealed to the 40 something’s in the audience.

Rudi Lickwood and Jefferson

Rudi Lickwood and Whitfield

Overall Whitfield came across as the one with the funnier lines and one had the impression that they were a little rusty, judging by the tendency to overlap each other’s comments and jokes.

It’s a couple of years since I last saw them on stage and it was good to see them once again.  The comedy double act has been a staple of British comedy for years – think of Hale and Pace, Morecambe and Wise, Cannon and Ball, but when it comes to Black British double acts I can’t think of any aside from Jefferson and Whitfield. There’s an opportunity out there for any talented duos out there to quite literally double the number of Black comedy double acts.

Thanyia Moore

Thanyia Moore, 30, has been on the comedy scene for the past 7-8 months. I’d not seen her before so was keen to see who this newcomer was, particularly as she’s a young Black female comedian. A Black British female comedienne is about as rare as a Fernando Torres goal or a Black double act!  

There were some good jokes about being single and childless. These were followed up by rib ticklers when tackling relationships, dating and cultural differences when it comes to this. Some jokes were a bit too crude and didn’t go down quite so well but overall, like a cold beer on a hot summer’s day, Thanyia went down very well.

Thanyia Moore

Thanyia Moore

 Thanyia was funny and it was a breath of fresh air to see this raw, new talent on stage, dispensing her own personal take on familiar subjects. I look forward to seeing more of Moore. As they say, the Moore the merrier. Sorry couldn’t resist that!

As a 30 years young comedienne, she will be eligible to compete for ‘Best Young Female’ in Tiemo’s Black Comedy Awards 2013. 


The Headliner was the Double Award Winner at Tiemo’s Black Comedy Awards 2012 (Best Male and Funniest Moment) Slim.

His set captured the family essence of this Mother’s Day themed show, commencing on a poignant moment by stating this was his first mother’s day without his mother to celebrate with. From there he covered jokes with a family theme including the caring that he does for his 91 year old father. Slim doesn’t look old enough to have a 91 year old son. Or should that be the other way round?!!

I like the jokes about male pride and technology. How technology such as computers and mobile phone’s has passed his Dad by, yet he won’t admit to being ignorant of such development and thinks he knows best!

The material about his cheeky back chatting two and three year old young children had the audience in hysterics, as did the something strange “jokes” re dropping all 5 of his children at some stage and how he can tell which suffered the worst by the way they’ve turned out! Let’s hope no-one from Social Services was in tonight!

His 25 minute on theme show thoroughly entertained and had the audience in stitches. With his trademark South London accent and high energy performance he showed exactly why he’s the reigning ‘Best Male Comedian’ and will be a tough act to beat at this year’s Black Comedy Awards.

Slim and Rudi Lickwood

Slim and Rudi Lickwood

Rudi Lickwood

The regular host for the night Rudi Lickwood was on great form. As irreverent and cheeky as ever as demonstrated by his “jokes” re the real reason the Queen has been ill lately. And it had nothing to do with gastroenteritis. “Running” around the stage to demonstrate what he really thought the Queen had was hilarious. As was his banter with the mother on stage for the Connect 4 game and his “promises” to cut out the bad language from the show! Rudi by name. Rude by nature. He’s not called Rudi for nothing after all!

His set was often on theme too with a nice generational feel to the jokes as he reminisced about mother’s day, cultural differences, beatings mothers gave their children etc…

A highlight was the audience participation via asking people to text in their favourite jokes. See below for a selection of the funniest. The winning joke went thus:

A man goes to a woman’s house eager to take her on a date.

The woman opens the door. She sees he has no arms and no legs. The woman says “I’m sorry, but what have you to offer me?

The man replies. “Well, I see you’ve noticed I have no arms, so you know I’ll never lift a hand to you. I also have no legs so you can be sure I’ll never run away from you.”

“That’s all very well says the woman, but how will you be able to satisfy me?”                                                                                                     

“Well. What do you think I used to knock your door?” smiled the man.


This was a very funny show that did exactly what it said on the tin and did ‘Mek Mi Laugh’. In keeping with the Da Comedy Rooms and Mek Mi Laugh ethos, it was a wonderful pot pourri of seasoned pro’s like Jefferson and Whitfield, Rudi Lickwood and Slim, alongside the new kids on the block Mo the Comedian and Thanyia Moore.

I look forward to the next ‘Mek Mi Laugh’ show at Harrow Arts Centre on Sunday 5th May 2013 with Will E Robo, Dana Alexander, ‘Don of Comedy’ Curtis Walker, Annette Fagon and host Rudi Lickwood.                  

©Tiemo Talk of the Town

17th March 2013

For news about the Black Comedy Awards 2013 nominations and awards ceremony please keep an eye on this Blog as well as where full news and information on the awards will be posted.

Text jokes from the audience

*16yrs old Trevor all dressed – mummy can I go to the Discotheque?

Mummy- Disco what?- dis goh tek aff yuh clothes ann goh ah  yuh bed.

* Women on holiday in Jamaica buying from the Buy one get one stall.

Seller gave her, her goods.

Women asked where is the other one?

Seller  – buy one get and me give one.

* Grenadian man comes home and shouts out to his wife.

“Honey! Pack yu bags mi jus win de lottery!!”

Wife, “OMG! What should i pack?!”

Husband: “Everyting marriage done.”

* If heterosexuals have a marriage certificate what do lesbians have?

A liquor licence.

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