British Comedy Awards 2012

**** 4/5
British Comedy Awards

Channel 4
Wednesday 5th December 2012

The 22nd annual British Comedy Awards 2012 took place at Wembley’s Fountain TV Studios, the home of the hit ITV show ‘X Factor.’

Visually this show was every bit as stunning as the X Factor, if not more so. The stage was stunningly beautiful, whilst the cabaret style setting was classy, glamorous and fabulous. I wish I’d been there. Well, truth is I was there. Only outside looking in. I arrived over two hours before showtime to see if there was any way I could blag my way to a pair of tickets for the biggest showbiz comedy night of the year. Not a chance. Nobody around the studios had an idea how to obtain tickets and the one staff member spoken to said there were only ever 44 tickets open to the general public. Clearly it wasn’t really open to the general public which is a shame as it’s the general public who drove the ratings and popularity of the shows, comedians and actors being awarded trophies at this awards ceremony.

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross delivered a trademark hilarious, barbed filled opening monologue and was, as usual, a great compere who kept the proceedings flowing efficiently and to time with good humour.

‘Victims’ this year included notable absentees such as John Bishop and his “jokes that belonged to 1972!”, Jimmy Carr and his tax difficulties, Bruce Forsyth and curiously Stephen K Amos. I didn’t really see the point of Ross’s quip regarding Stephen K Amos “only” paying £2k tax this year … that being his correct tax due to hardly ever working. Strange. As far as I know Stephen K Amos is a busy, hard working comedian, who’s toured world-wide this year.

Star presenters

There were a number of surprise ‘A’ list presenters including the Oscar winning actor Cuba “show me the money” Gooding Junior who presented ‘Comedy Personality of the Year’ to Charlie Brooker. He was surprisingly funny.

Joan Collins presented best sit-com. She looked elegant and very glamourous. For a woman of 123 years old that was quite amazing!

Lee Mack

Best Male TV comic went to Lee Mack for ‘Would I lie to You?’ That was well deserved and he made one of the most memorable acceptances by bounding confidently onto the stage, wrestling to the ground and snogging one of the two guest presenters. Very funny.

It was a shame there was no award for the Graham Norton Show, which in my view is and has been the most consistently funny, high quality chat show around for years. It’s shocking he was overlooked. There should be a public inquiry into this.


Another notable absentee from the awards was diversity. No, not the street dance troupe, but Black and Asian comedians. Andi Osho, Reginald D Hunter and Stephen K Amos have all frequently been on TV in the past 12 months, yet aside from Jonathan Ross’s joke re Stephen K Amos and their being no vacancy for Black comedians until Lenny Henry dies, that was it for references to Black comedy for the whole night.

There could have been reference to ‘At Home with the Abonjo’s’ a successful show that transferred to the stage of Hackney Empire and the Broadway Theatre.

That’s a missed opportunity, but then again a lot of comedians didn’t get a look in, so it’s un-surprising. Not once was Michael McIntyre mentioned and Peter Kay was briefly mentioned, yet these two are Britain’s biggest arena and DVD selling Comedians.

Black Comedy Awards

Tiemo Entertainments addressed such lack of diversity in April 2012 with it’s very own Black Comedy Awards. This provided an opportunity to recognise and award Black comedians who are popular on both the mainstream and/or Black comedy scene. Winners included Richard (Shrek) Blackwood, Gina Yashere, Slim (twice), Felicity Ethnic, Nathan Caton (twice) and Kayleigh “Loudmouth” Lewis.

Keep an eye on this blog for details of The Black Comedy Awards 2013.

Many award winners weren’t all that funny or articulate on stage and struggled to even string a sentence together, such as double award winner Morgana Robinson. That’s probably because they’re comedy actresses and actors, so aren’t really that funny without a funny script, whereas a Comedian would be able to think on their feet, ad-lib and improvise.

Far too much screen time was given to Angelos who presented the ‘Writers Guild of Great Britain’ award to Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. I don’t know who he is but he wasn’t funny and was really terrible. He made no sense whatsoever. However, the award to Reeves and Mortimer was warmly received with a standing ovation for the much loved comedy double act.


The main award of the night, the ‘King of Comedy’, the only one voted for by the public was won by Jack Whitehall. He’s very funny and I like him a lot, but I’d be interested to know how the British Comedy Award arrived at a short-list of just 6 names from all the hundreds of brilliant comedians we have in Britain and how for instance that short-list omitted Michael McIntyre and Peter Kay for instance?

The highlight of the night and the funniest award winning speech was brilliantly delivered by the winner of the ‘Oustanding achievement award’, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Sacha Baron Cohen

He accepted the award as his alter ego Ali G, suitably dressed in trademark shiny track suit. He told us that it’s 10 years since the Ali G show was on TV and with his speech showed just why that show was such a smash hit, setting him up for a stunningly successful movie career.

Ali G’s acceptance speech was devastatingly funny, clever and topical. It was comedy at its absolute best and will live long in the memory.


The video of this speech, plus other highlights and the full list of 2012 winners can be viewed here.

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16th December 2012

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