Jimmy Carr Gagging Order

Jimmy Carr: Gagging Order
Comedy doesn’t have to be taxing

***** 5/5
Fairfield Halls, Croydon
Tuesday 4th December 2012

Jimmy Carr 2013 Tour dates

As a top class Comedian, Jimmy Carr’s undoubtedly in the premier league of popular arena, theatre and TV performing stars. It’s relatively easy to compare him to other comedians. However if you were to compare Jimmy Carr to a car what car do you think he most closely matches?

I reckon he’d be a BMW 318 Compact. A bit like his tennis legend look a like Roger Federer. Classy, quick and distinctly middle class with wide appeal. It would be very shiny and clean. Look inside though and it’s filthy.

That’s just what you get with a Jimmy Carr live show. It’s a lot edgier and cruder than the Carr you see on TV panel shows. Many of his jokes are unprintable, yet Jimmy Carr’s hugely funny, sharp and quick witted, with an incredibly vast repertoire of gags. A real throwback to the old school joke teller. He’d not be one of those comedian’s stuck for a joke if someone said, “Go on. Tell us a joke.”


He opened with a good selection of topical Jimmy Savile gags … “Now we know the countdown on ‘Top of the Pops’ from 13, 12, 11 to 10 didn’t refer to chart placings, but to the ages of Jimmy Savile’s conquests!”

Referring to his well documented tax difficulties of the summer he said, “At least I’m not the worst Jimmy this year! You can’t argue with that. Unless you find tax avoidance (sorry, legitimate tax minimisation) a worse ‘offence’ than rape and predatory sexual harassment in the scale of things.

He has a great line in audience banter and is the master heckler destroyer. What sets him apart from many other comedians is his delivery of carefully crafted, funny, pithy jokes at rapid fire velocity. Carr is just as funny bantering with his audience and positively encourages it. For this reason his show attracts some pretty funny audience members, happy to share their wit or amusing and downright freakish stories.

This is the joy of live comedy. The unexpected, off script moments, observing a comedian and audience responding to one another.

When asked to shout out the worst presents received from a loved one we heard everything from socks to sexy lingerie, to most bizarrely of all, a grave. As you can imagine, Jimmy couldn’t resist digging (pun intended) further into that present. It turns out to be slightly (maybe) more romantic than sinister, as the husband had bought his wife a 50 year grave plot so she could be buried alongside other family members when her time is up. Hmmm. Not sure that quite counts as a gift. I think Hubby might have dug himself a hole with that one!

Funniest response directed straight at Carr, was, “your DVD!”

It’s great to see that Jimmy enjoys the banter, laughs at a funny heckle and gives as good as he gets. Correction. Better than he gets 8 times out of 10!

It’s quite ironic that for a Comedian he has such a bad laugh. It reminds me of Sir Alex Ferguson’s poor goal celebration and inability to allow his arms to extend out to match his obvious joy at a Manchester United goal. It’s not as if he’s not had enough practice. What is it, 259 years in charge at Old Trafford!

Did I say Jimmy Carr was like a flash car? Well we had plenty of flash talk. Flashers to be precise. A reasonable number(whatever that is) of women admitted to having being flashed at. A once in a lifetime occurrence you could say. However one woman had the misfortune, or perhaps good fortune, depending on her perspective, to have been flashed at three times. She was nicknamed the ‘flasher magnet’ having been flashed at in the local park, Brixton academy (a man ‘enjoying his own company’ on the steps of a flat next to the academy) and lastly (for now) and most exotically, she was flashed last month on San Diego beach.

Jimmy Carr is obsessed with sex. The majority of the show is filled with jokes about it. Audience surveys and banter about it and audio-visual presentations about it. Often this worked well and generated laughter and good audience participation. Dialogue. Not that!

Sometimes it didn’t. For instance when enquiring about the number of women who had vejazzles. Zero was the answer. He found it hard to believe and seemed a little disappointed that no women in Croydon had been vejazzalled.

He makes good use of Power Point for sketch jokes. It actually would have been useful if the same video screens were used to project his face so everyone in the huge theatre could see him up close.

The real life sketch with a male and female volunteer plucked from the audience didn’t work so well, despite the young man, 18, being an amateur actor and the woman being very confident and sure of herself. She danced well, I’ll give her that, but her acting skills won’t be keeping Meryl Streep awake at night. This segment, with both having a script to read, didn’t match the main show for jokes and went on a little too long without generating that many laughs or dramatic tension if that was the intention.

Carr mentioned that he’d recently guested on Countdown. I missed it, but can imagine that would have suited him right down to the ground as it’s obvious through his tightly crafted, word play jokes, that he’s quite the wordsmith. I suspect Jimmy probably watches Countdown religiously.

Jimmy Carr motors along at a cracking pace, knocking out gags at some pace. For jokes per minute there’s no-one to touch Jimmy. It was great to see up close one of the nation’s top Comedians.

Like, the BMW, Jimmy’s a well oiled machine, delivers a comfortable, smooth ride, that doesn’t just sail close to the bone, but gets right inside it. I loved the show and look forward to seeing his next live tour.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town
15th December 2012

Jimmy Carr 2013 Tour dates

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