Gary Mckinnon extradition blocked

Curious decision from the Home Secretary yesterday, 16th October 2012.

This was based on compassionate, medical grounds, taking into account a Psychiatrist report stating that there was a high likelihood that he would commit suicide if he were to be extradited.

Yet the Director of Public Prosecutions can decide if the case will be heard here. Firstly, he has hacked into USA defence computers. Undisputedly a very, very serious charge. Having Aspergers Syndrome (AS) surely didn’t make him hack into highly sensitive USA defence computers. If it was, by that logic everyone with AS would be up to no good!!

Secondly, if tried and found guilty here in England, is Gary McKinnon fit to stand trial and if found guilty, serve any prison sentence his crime might merit?

I feel a degree of sympathy for him, but I don’t feel he should escape justice. He did wrong and has to face the consequences.


Tiemo Talk of the Town
17th October 2012

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