Hannibal Buress: Still Saying stuff

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, Scotland. 0131-556 6550
£10.50 21.45pm Daily 2-26th August 2012. Edinburgh Fringe

Welcome to Hannibal’s world. A world of freaky girls, arguments over scrambled eggs and dealing with overzealous airport security staff.

This was just his second visit to the Edinburgh Fringe and tonight was sold out. Proof that good news spreads quickly. He did a series of gigs in London’s Soho Theatre in June that saw him doing two gigs per night towards the end, such was the demand.

There were some familiar routines, but mainly new stuff. I loved the routine regarding the early hours ‘back at my place’ encounter with the mad woman, jokes about getting riled and ready to get into a huge argument over a cafe’s refusal to cook scrambled eggs despite having all the necessary ingredients to hand!

There was a little more audience interaction this time, which the show benefitted from, for instance, joking with the girl with three drinks on the go, for whom this was her first show of the day. She had just decided to attend 10 minutes before going in. This sequence of discoveries resulted in a barrage of jokes. The interaction allowed the audience to see how he responds to the unexpected.

As with previous performances, it’s all about the delivery style and quality of the jokes with Hannibal. The jokes and asides flow effortlessly off the tongue, with his unmistakable, clearly intoned, slow american drawl.

There’s a warming, confident air in his delivery that makes you want to hear all he has to say. The focus on the material and delivery is something many comedians could learn from. Many of Hannibal’s jokes are based on the everyday stuff of life. Hannibal doesn’t shout or swear for your attention, but commands it with the quality and hilarity of his jokes.

Catch him before he heads back home to Chicago for this is a brilliant show from a comedian at the top of his game.

Tiemo Talk of the Town
19th August 2012

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