Romesh Ranganathan and Jason Patterson

Laughing Horse @ The White Horse
266 Cannongate 0131-556 3403
Free. 15.30pm Daily 2-26th August 2012. Edinburgh Fringe

Very enjoyable double header from Sri Lankan Romesh Ranganathan and Jason Patterson.

Romesh opened with an uplifting 30 minute set, spanning a range of topics including family life. I loved his joke about the ‘naughty step’, his daughter refusing to sit on it and how he ended up on it!

A relatively small audience was made to feel welcome and Romesh cleverly managed to draw out gags from the very limited comedy material coming from the audiance.

The routine re running over cats resulted in a slightly awkward moment as one San Franciscan man in the audience had accidentally done this to his own pet cat who’d chosen the wrong time and place to enjoy a cat nap…..their final cat nap so to speak!

Romesh has a lovely, confident, comfortable style that’s a joy to watch. A thoroughly entertaining and very funny 30 minutes.

Jason Patterson – Confident, energetic Londoner Jason Patterson delivered a very amusing set about his journey to becoming a professional Comedian.

The story of being mugged is pretty funny. Standing up to an armed mugger is not what most of us would do, but when you’re an un-intimidated comedian I guess it just presents an opportunity to practice dealing with a difficult audience!

I loved his joke about his boss keeping his job as a delivery driver open for 2 months in case his career as a comedian did not work out. His employer’s witty wisecrack…… “I’ve seen your act. I’ll see you back here in two months!”

Well I’d be surprised if he was back, for on the strength of this highly amusing performance that had the audience in fits of laughter, I think Jason has a bright future ahead.

Tiemo Talk of the Town
17th August 2012

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