Rom Com Con – Mace and Burton

Rom Com Con – Mace and Burton
FREE Fringe Festival. Cannon’s Gait, 239 Cannongate.
13.15pm Daily. FREE


Enjoyable, early afternoon Edinburgh Fringe FREE show. As the title makes clear this is all about romantic comedies.

It’s’a pretty good analysis of the Rom Com genre as two young women, Mace and Burton, embark on a journey to analyse Rom Coms and the secrets of everlasting love. Or perhaps it’s just an ingenius wheeze to find boyfriends!

It lacks a little in pace and tempo, but the use of video recorded interviews with couples and single men they dated/were about to date for this show is very interesting, quite emotional and funny at times. A particularly poignant moment featured the lady who’d. enjoyed true love for 16 years until the death of her husband. Very sad, but she remains optimistic of finding love again.

Heartbreak Hotel also by Mace and Burton is showing at BUFFS CLUB, 5 West Register Street, EH2 2AA. (Venue 38) 19.30pm PBH’s FREE Fringe 4th-25th August 2012

Tiemo Talk of the Town
17th August 2012

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