Dirty Looks and Hopscotch – Shappi Khorsandhi

Shappi Khorsandhi
Pleasance Courtyard Upstairs
14th August 2012
8.30pm daily 3rd – 27th August 2012

 GOLD MEDAL rating

Shappi Khorsandhi. Well I never!!

Last year’s confessional show from Shappi Khorsandhi revealed all about her divorce. This year’s focused on the past year as a single woman back on the dating scene. And what a revelation this turned out to be!

‘Dirty Looks and Hopscotch’ is a thoughtful, intelligent, stimulating and very well told story of her past 12 months. Not only is it pretty shocking, certainly by Shappi’s ladylike standards, it’s also very funny. I particularly liked her joke re marrying her divorce lawyer!

Her dating of a libidinous, Northern rock star was one of the central themes of the show and clearly Shappi had fallen head over heals with him, despite the flashing red warning lights regarding his behaviour and attitudes to women that should have informed her in no uncertain terms HAZARDS AHEAD. You wonder if it was blind love or lust? Or whether Shappi suffering from a bout of low self-esteem allowed her to entertain this relationship?

I’ve no idea who this man was and Shappi certainly wasn’t letting on.

The show was quite explicit at times, which was quite unexpected and a bit unnecessary from someone with Shappi’s comedic talent.

She mentions having earned a Drama degree and you can see the benefits of that in the show, from the wide range of accents she can do and the assured delivery, pace and upbeat momentum of the show.

This was a moving and hilarious show from arguably Britain’s #1 female stand up comedienne.

Tiemo Talk of the Town
16th August 2012

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