Basic Training

Basic Training Khalil Ashanti.

Underbelly, Teviot Square.
14th August 2012
6pm daily until 27th August 2012


The show ‘Basic Training’, aptly delivered pure theatre and comedy in its most basic sense; one man, one hour, many characters. It tells the true life story of former US Soldier Khalil Ashanti who embraces his comedic talent whilst he is in the army.

In what must be one of the most demanding roles performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Khalil works up a sweat as he takes on the characters of soldier, sergeant, family members and peers whilst throwing in (amongst other things) press ups, running on the spot and bursting into song.

The key theme of the play revolves around his discovery that the man he believed to be his biological father is not and the impact of this revelation.

My only criticism would be that this drama comes across as somewhat disjointed and difficult to follow, with Khalil moving perhaps too swiftly between so many different characters. However, it’s a finely acted play, with many moments of humour and great 80’s dance music. It’s funny, serious and at times quite disturbing. Worth going to see!

Tiemo Talk of The Town
16th August 2012

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