And Still Rarely Rong – Gary Colman

And Still Rarely Rong’ – Gary Colman

Whistlebinkies, 4-6 South Bridge, Edinburgh. Laughing Horse Free Fringe.
14.45pm. Daily 2nd – 27th August 2012

 GOLD MEDAL rating

Very funny mid-afternoon show from professional comedian Gary Colman. Hailing from Newcastle, Gary, who now resides in Hackney, made great use of the comedic material provided by these locations, in terms of their reputations and the respective Geordie and Cockney accents of these regions. 

As per Eden Niven’s show, he also focussed heavily on the joys and tribulations of family life and growing older as a man. Gary’s show was hilarious and he had the audience laughing out loud at his jokes regarding family life and weddings.

His confident and engaging manner enabled him to generate good-natured and witty audience participation. The show was not without its moments of pathos too. However, I’ll say no more so as not to spoil it.

One of the joys of the Fringe is the shows on offer from Laughing Horse Free Fringe and this being one of those shows comes highly recommended.

Tiemo Talk of the Town

15th August 2012

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