Patrick Monahan – Shooting from the lip!

Patrick Monahan
Wine Bar – Gilded Balloon Teviot, Teviot Row House, Edinburgh EH8 9AJ
0131-622 6552
13th August 2012
8pm daily 2nd to 27th August 2012


The Pied Piper of Edinburgh Patrick Monahan carried the Olympic torch of comedy with this delightful hour (or so…. it’s Patrick after all!) of jokes, banter and audience participation.

Two men, each in groups of four, or “harems”, as Patrick called them, with one per harem, made them a focus of much of the show. It made for deliciously good fun for the audience, maybe less so for the men, but they took it in good spirits.

We had the usual “unusual” audience make up that you encounter at a Fringe gig, with people from as far afield as New Jersey, USA and Serbia.

Shooting from the lip aptly describes the show as there didn’t appear to be a theme, suffice to say it was Patrick Monahan doing what he does best, namely making people laugh, creating a sense of all being well with the world, spinning off at various tangents wherever he found humour. In a way he’s continuing with last year’s “hugging theme” and using this as a vehicle for the show. There may actually be something in this. A few years ago the Prime Minister David Cameron said we all need to “hug a hoodie.” Not sure if Patrick’s a Conservative, but clearly he was listening or more likely it’s a case of the PM listening to Patrick as I’m sure Patrick’s not a recent convert.

A year ago the first couple of weeks of the Fringe played out to the unsettling and disturbing backdrop of the riots. It wouldn’t surprise me if many youths driven to crime, stabbing a fellow youth for relatively trivial quarrels, probably lack for hugs and warmth, to the extent they have developed a cold, hard exterior that doesn’t value another man’s life. Hug a hoodie indeed. Not as mad as it sounds. Think about it.

This time last year Patrick was running back and forth between Edinburgh and London recording and competing in ITV’s ‘Show me the funny’, which he went on to win in the September final at the Hammersmith HMV Apollo. One of the learning points and constant criticisms he got from the Judges was the tendency to stray from his script and not deliver a tighter show with a higher level of gags. I would say that, though he does what he’s meant to do – makes you laugh and feel better for that hour in his company, it could be even better with following a tighter routine with more jokes as opposed to riffing with the audience.

Tiemo Talk of the Town
15th August 2012

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