Black Bloggers Surveyed for Phd Research

It was a  pleasure to spend a couple of hours in the august setting of the prestigious British Library earlier this week.  I was there, 10th July 2012, being interviewed by University of Salford Lecturer, Deborah Gabriel, as a contributor to her Phd research study into the experiences and motivations behind the writing of Black British Bloggers.

Such a survey has never been done before and I considered it an honour to be selected to contribute to this research as I can see the benefits of growing and developing the blogging community, allied to increasing the readership of Blogs. The wide ranging interview was an interesting experience which got me thinking about the reasons why I blog, the impact of my blogs and stimulated ideas for further topics. It also sadly reminded me that my HR blog HR views and News has been dormant for far too long, taking a back seat to my cultural and topical news blog Tiemo Talk of the Town . I must do something about that.  For the latter I contributed 45 posts in the 12 months since it’s inception in June 2011 (this is post 49) compared to a paltry 5 posts on the HR blog.

Interesting that both are passions of mine, yet writing stand up comedy reviews, theatre and seminar reviews have dominated, yet there is no shortage of potential HR and equalities related stories to be writing about e.g. the Chelsea Footballer, John Terry, trial taking place this week, bankers remuneration, bonus payments and severance  payments for Bankers resigning in the midst of banking scandals such as Bob Diamond, Ex CEO Barclays Bank.

At it’s simplest level, as a Blogger, one  writes for the love of writing, to share one’s passions and enthusiasm , to rail against injustice, but also on another level, to,  dare I say it, share our expertise on certain subjects.

Deborah has recently presented papers on Blogging at the Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference in Paris, 3rd July 2012 and at the University of East London 7th Colloqium on Ethnic Relations – Ethnicity Matter, 5th July 2012.

Challenging times for Black Academics in the UK – Deborah Gabriel.

Once she’s completed the interview segment of her research she intends sharing her presentations and in Summer 2013 plans to host a major Bloggers conference to enable her to present to the public her research findings and as means of  creating a live, inter-active platform to showcase the best of Black British Bloggers. I eagerly welcome and look forward to it as it sounds like a lot of fun and a unique opportunity to meet up, network and share ideas with my fellow Bloggers.

If there are any MALE Black British Bloggers out there reading this, Deborah would love to hear from you as there appears to be a shortage of  them or perhaps you’re just too shy!  Similarly, if you read any Blogs from men fitting the description ask them to get in touch with Deborah via Black Bloggers UK ASAP to be considered for the survey. The survey will conclude by 31st July 2012 so don’t delay if you wish to partake or recommend someone to.

Bloggers can also sign up on that site to join the FREE directory of Black British Bloggers UK. Thank you for reading. If you have a  view on Black British Bloggers and the general content of this post I look forward to reading your comments.

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7 Responses to Black Bloggers Surveyed for Phd Research

  1. Thanks so much for your write-up. I feel privileged to be working with such a fabulous group of bloggers. It is an exciting project that will contribute greatly to filling gaps in existing studies on the blogosphere.

  2. Bought The Voice (14th March 2013) yesterday to read very good double page article on the digital revolution and the evolution of the Black Blogger. Deborah Gabriel interviewed for the article. Good to see the distinction made between blogging and journalism. As Bloggers we’re allowed to be partisan and biased, whereas Journalists have a professional responsibility to be more objective.

    I must admit that though I generally write about subject I’m passionate about such as comedy, theatre and the arts in general, I do try to be as objective as I can as well. I like to think my readers will appreciate that honesty more.

    I’m told the blogs that prove most popular are those where my obvious enjoyment and passion for a subject, such as with my Joan Rivers (October 2012) and Trevor Noah comedy show reviews (Jan 2013), shines out loud and clear.

    The article, by Elizabeth Pears, recommended certain bloggers for people to follow and bookmark such as Afridiziak for theatre news and Lee Jasper for all matters political. She didn’t recommend this one, buy hey I’m not bitter!!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Mike. I’m in good company ;-0)

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