Carnival Comedy Club


Carnival Comedy Club, Tabernacle, London W11

1st June 2012

I’m not sure how  big a fan of stand up comedy Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is, but if she had chosen to start her Diamond Jubilee week-end of celebrations at Geoff Schumann’s Carnival Comedy at The Tabernacle, I’m sure she would have enjoyed a right old royal knee’s up.

Though the comedy wasn’t exactly aimed at her demographic, funny is funny and being the Queen of the Commonwealth it would be nice to think the many references to African-Caribbean culture would not have been lost on her. That said, this was probably more a show that Princes Harry and William would have enjoyed.

Geoff Schumann *****

So excited was the compere to kick off proceedings that Geoff Schumann literally tripped on to the stage! Surprisingly he didn’t refer to this, perhaps thinking we hadn’t noticed. Sorry Geoff we did!

Geoff picked himself up and began warming up the audience with good natured banter with the audience and late comers. His main routine centred around an expensive first date, totalling around £200 and the expectations he had for the end of the night based on spending such an amount. Funnily enough the audience seemed divided on gender lines on this. The men believing that Geoff was “entitled” to expect to wake up the next morning with his date; the women, thinking that “a kiss” would suffice LoL. Hmmm.  The phrase, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ springs to mind. Geoff believes in giving value for money. This show was a bargain price £7, so I suspect for an outlay of 29 times that he expected a lot more than a kiss goodnight!!           

Babatunde *****

First act on was  Babatunde. The 20something Comedian – Actor had the packed audience laughing riotously with a series of  gags about his unusual name, African ancestry and assorted stories.

John Lenahan *****

Next on was American Comedian-Magician John Lenehan. He was an absolute treat. A hilarious set showcasing his superb comedic talent via the medium of excellent magic, mixed in with some “foolish” magic too. He had the audience in stitches. Brilliant.

Miss Diverse ***

Miss Diverse, the only female on, the Queen Bee, so to speak, was quite funny, with a neat set of jokes and amusing tales.

Felix Dexter ***

The headliner was Felix Dexter. One of the original stars of ‘The Real McCoy’ gave a reminder of his versatility and numerous comedy characters, from the African Student to businessman, via funny voices, situations and familiar mannerisms. The creation of characters is something he’s been doing for over 20 years and Geoff commented that he is long overdue a solo TV show of his own.

Carnival Comedy Club, Tabernacle was a nominee in Tiemo’s recent Black Comedy Awards 2011 and I suspect with shows of this quality and at the unbeatably good value for money price of £7, it will be a strong contender at future comedy awards for Best Comedy Night.

The next show is on Friday 29th June 2012 and features Dibbi, Axel, Mr Cee, Donna Spence and  Geoff Schumann. Following that on 13th July is Geoff’s new one man show , ‘My Parents Didn’t beat Me’ with support from Winston Reedy (Lovers Rock) and Soul Maestro Omar. Details and tickets available on-line at Tabernacle

Tiemo Talk of the Town

4th June 2012

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