Black Comedy Awards 2012 Review

Tiemo Entertainments Black Comedy Awards 2012 

By Janet Wainana, UKENTV, 6th April 2012

The Black Comedy Awards Ceremony at The Bloomsbury theatre, Wednesday 4th April 2012, was a fantastic showcase of Black Comedians. The ceremony was ably hosted by Rudi Lickwood. Rudi has achieved admiration across the British entertainment industry for his extra charismatic personality and thoughtful humour, that on the night, was self-evident judging by the continuous laughter of the audience.

The Black Comedy Awards have been around for 12 years, but Tiemo Entertainments, have resurrected the prestigious much needed  ceremony. Performers on the night included the winner of ‘Best Male Comedian’ and ‘Funniest Comedy Moment’, Slim, the very talented Gerry K,  Kayleigh “Loudmouth” Lewis, winner of the ‘Best Young Female’ award and Felicity Ethnic, winner of the ‘Best Female Comedienne.’ Musical entertainment was provided by French Rapper Fredriko Outlaw, Cartel Records and KD Blockmoney.

Felicity Ethnic – Performing on the night.  Winner Best Female Comedienne 2011 @ Tiemo Entertainments Black Comedy Awards Ceremony 2011

Event Promoter  Michael Peters commented, “We’re delighted the show went so well.  Tiemo Entertainments delivered a strong show featuring hilarious performances from Kayleigh “Loudmouth” Lewis, Rudi Lickwood, Gerry K, Slim and Felicity Ethnic.

It was great to open the show with comedy from Kayleigh Lewis, at just 25, one of the youngest two Black Comediennes on the circuit and close the show with Felicity Ethnic, one of the longest serving Comediennes on the comedy circuit. With so few Black female performers around it was important and very rare for a major show to have such a high female representation. It demonstrated to people that there are funny women out there, more are breaking through and hopefully if just one young person out there is inspired to have a go at stand up comedy that will be reward in itself.”

Kayleigh “Loudmouth” Lewis – Winner Best Young Female Comedienne 2011 @ Tiemo Entertainments Black Comedy Awards Ceremony 2011

The awards were presented by dignitaries and celebrities – Tameka Empson (East Enders and comedy act  3 non Blondes), Chucky Venice ( Eastenders, The brothers, Dream Team, and footballers wives), Jocelyn Esien (3 Non Blondes) and Wil Johnson (Babyfather and Waking the Dead). Other celebrity award presenters were Ken Barnes and Orin Lewis OBE.

Tameka Empson – Tiemo Entertainments Black Comedy Awards Presenter

The 2012 winners, based on months of  public voting, were: 

Best Young Female Comedienne – Kayleigh “Loudmouth” Lewis

Best Young Male Comedian – Nathan Caton

Best Female Comedienne – Felicity Ethnic

Best Male Comedian – Slim

Best Black Comedian – Mainstream Circuit – Nathan Caton

Best Comedian (Acting) – Richard “Shrek” Blackwood

Best International Comedian – Gina Yashere

Best Comedy Night – Comedy Roast

Funniest Comedy Moment – Slim

Slim – Performing on the night and Double WInner – Best Male Comedian and Funniest Comedy Moment 2011 @ TIemo Entertainments Black Comedy Awards ceremony 2011

During this difficult  economic time, anything to make you laugh is worth a try. You can find out about Tiemo Entertainments next event, June 2012, via 


If you attended the event, we’d love to hear your comments. Feel free to add them on the ‘Leave a comment’ section at the end of this blog, at the end of the tag listings section.

Short video  and photos of the night produced by UKE NTV.

Written by Janet  Wainana, Reporter UKE NTV.  Edited by Tiemo Talk of the Town.

6th April 2012.

Edited 7th May 2012

© Photos Kenny Mac, UKE NTV, with the exception of Kayleigh Lewis and Nathan Caton. 

© Tiemo – Photo of Nathan Caton.  

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  4. Tiemo Talk says:

    A really good evening with a broad range of comedians, a fantastically enthusiastic audience and most importantly, a centrally located venue – last time I was there, it was to see Ricky Gervais. Well done.


    • Tiemo Talk says:

      Hello Jpac. Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate the feedback as it’s nice to know guests such as yourself attended and thorouhgly enjoyed the night and venue. Ricky who? LoL.

      Apologies for the delay in responding. It’s virtually a pregnant pause! We should have acknowledged your comment earlier. I hope it was worth the 8 month wait?!!

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