The Sex Factor

The Sex factor *** 3.5/5
Geestor Promotions.
Hackney Empire, 25th February 2012

The Sex Factor, by GeeStor Promotions, promised a lively, saucy and spicey night of jokery and tomfoolery and a little bit of sexual education for the masses.

I’m not so sure about the educational content of the night, but the wonderfully mixed bill of Comedians, Poet and Pole dancing expert certainly made for a night of big laughs for the packed out Hackney Empire.

Comforting poetry – Comfort 5/5

Poetry of a sensual, saucy was delivered from Comfort, in an romantic style as the audience were asked to get into the mood by closing their eyes as they listened.

Axel D Entertainer 4/5

Axel came across as a Ladies man and was very smooth in his delivery. His physical, comedic style is reminscent of a young Richard Blackwood and was very funny. His set was very raw and raucus, full of stong jokes about sex that had the audience in fits of laughter.

Kevin J 5/5

Brilliant performance breaking down sexual mores amongst different racial groups.

He stereotyped English women as being easy (perhaps the only one tonight who could get away with that, seeing as he was the only white Comedian on the bill); women getting amost orgasmic just being served tea in bed!

There were fine jokes regarding his recent holiday in Barbados, the nerves that build when attempting to chat up women and the difference between sexing a white woman v a black woman!

He climaxed, if you pardon the pun, with an awesome tour de force re-anactment of sexual relations with an overly dominant Jamaican (aren’t they all LoL?) Woman. Hilarious, show stopping performance from Kevin J.

Glenda Jaxson 5/5

Glenda, the only female Comedienne, was on excellent form, as the “mature” act of the night.

Considering the topic, it was a shame that in a 3 hour show there was just the one female, comedic voice on stage.

She had the audience in hysterics with her jokes around her sex life, overlong sex from men who think they’re Dons, but aint all that really.

I loved her jokes re different positions – gently poking fun at her weight in self-depracating style.

Fine performance from one of the leading ladies for ‘Best Female Comedienne’ at the Black Comedy Awards in April 2012.

Blind Date 3/5

Eddie Nestor in “old Dominican man” mode introduced a dating element to proceedings, with a mission to find. Date for a single woman from amongst three pre-selected men.

Whilst it provided quite a few laughs and showcased the talents of an amazingly lithe Pole dancer, I think this aspect, whilst novel for such a night went on far too long and would have benefitted from being cut shorter.

After all the selection process the woman never got to interact with the 3 men or choose/converse with anyone. That she was hidden behind a screen, ‘Blind Date’ style shouldn’t have prevented that.

Slim 5/5

The show closed with the reigning ‘Best Male Comedian’ and nominee for the forthcoming Black Comedy Awards in April, none other than Slim.

He performed a good, solid set talking about his sex life and how he started practicing early, aged 13.

He too talked about the different positions and troubles you can get into, not least of which involved him breaking his willy through too energetic sex with an over enthusiastic woman! That put him out of action for some time. However he was happy to report that normal service has now been resumed.

He has a warm, friendly style of delivery that crowds have warmed too over many years and it is easy to see why he is a strong contender to defend his ‘Best Male Comedian’ crown.

Kat 4/5

Kat was the Compere for the night and did a fine job of this difficult role. He was confident, funny and kept the show moving along nicely at a good pace.

A very entertaining show. I look forward to having more sex, sorry, I mean more of The Sex Factor II.

The event was supported by the ACLT. Orin Lewis OBE spoke on stage of his charities requirement for volunteer bone marrow donors and financial donations to help sustain their work, which can now simply be made via text message.

Give a £3 text donation today 

A £3 donation can be made by texting ACLT to 70300.
The much anticipated Black Comedy Awards are back in April 2012

On the 4th April 2012 you will have a fantastic opportunity to be part of a unique night to celebrate, honour and laugh with the funny men and women who had audiences roaring with laughter in 2011.

Please keep an eye on our and twitter sites for updates.

To make an advanced reservation or to request further information email us at:-

Tickets to attend the prestigious 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011 to be held at the Bloomsbury Theatre on 4th April 2012 can be purchased from

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