The Sunday Show

Hideaway  *****
Streatham, 13th November 2011

Well the title of this popular Sunday comedy club is certainly apt as it is somewhat tucked away off Streatham High Road.

However the journey was more than worth. Surely one of the most beautiful venues for a comedy club in London. It’s just so perfect for comedy. The cabaret seating, the food, the small, intimate size of the venue (when used as a comedy club, for as a restaurant, it’s core business, it’s quite large.

Quincy *****

Quincy was the genial, funny, quick witted compere. Loved it when he called out the registration of someone’s Land Rover that was about to be clamped and said YL … Stand for “you lie” to the woman who claimed the car was hers!









Mikey ***

Newcomer Mikey started a little nervously but soon won around the audience. There were enough good gags with unexpected punch lines to keep the audience amused.

Kayleigh ***

I was very interested to see Kayleigh. I’d only recently heard of her and was curious to see how she performed.

She was very funny, joking re relationships, sex, single mothers came in for a lot of stick. She joked about the poor choices older women had made resulting in them being alone with 3,4 children, when if they’d thought more before getting pregnant perhaps their lives would be better.

She went down very well. She’s only 25 and one of less than a handful, just 3 apparently, of comedians aged under 25, Miss London being one of the other two.

Toju ****


Stellar display of ‘power’ comedy from Toju. Firm, decisive and utterly compelling and hilarious comedy. Tremendous Beyonce routine, sexual material, voices. Only criticism I’d make would be the hardcore angry young man performance. That’s his trademark but at times it strays into just violently angry rants and lacks good humour.

However overall, undoubtedly Toju stole the show with a very funny performance delivered in his own unique, inimitable comedic style.

Great night and this show, if it’s not, it should be a contender for Best Regular comedy night in Tiemo Entertainment’s organised 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011.

All in all a terrific show. I imagine many regulars at this monthly night will be considering voting this for ‘Best regular comedy show’ of the year at Tiemo Entertainment’s 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

21st November 2011

The 9th Black Comedy Awards are the only awards ceremony exclusively devoted to celebrating and honouring Black British Comedy.

Tickets to attend the prestigious 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011 to be held at Venue 5 on 5th December 2011 can be purchased from


NEWS: Tiemo have signed memorabilia and CD’s to give away from some of the world’s biggest musical stars such as Beyonce, Chris Brown, Britney Spears and Will Young. All who purchase tickets w/c 20.11.11 – 28.11.11 are entered into the competition.

Prizes courtesy of Sony Music.

Voting lines closed at midnight on Friday 11th November 2011. Nominees and voting information –

After the closing date a short-list and second round of voting will announced based upon the outcome of the public voting.

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