Platinum rated comedy

A tremendously funny night was enjoyed at Geoff Schumann’s Platinum Comedy Club at Notting Hill’s Tabernacle.
The gig was sold out the day before due to a surge of bookings yet mysteriously a number didn’t show. That was a real shame as they missed out on a cracking night of comedy.

Geoff Schumann

Nominee Best Male Comedian 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011

Host and Compere Geoff Schumann was in fine, genial form bantering with the audience and mercilessly ribbing the latecomers.

Fair play to Rocky, 25, from Dominica, who was the butt of plenty of good-natured joshing from Geoff and other comedians during the evening.
Geoff’s material amusingly covered the riots, perhaps unsurprisingly still a popular source of humour that most black comedians are including in their repertoire; relationships and commitment; tardiness (even his eldest sister was chided for being late); differences between news featuring white and black people e.g finding the funny in traditional stereotypes, sharks killing human stories v shootings/knife crime stories.
Geoff demonstrated through out the night just why he is a contender for Best Male Comedian 2011 at Tiemo Entertainments 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011.
President Obonjo
Relative newcomer PO came on in loud, coloured African attire. Whilst initially grabbing the audiences attention, I found he struggled at times to build a rapport with the audience. Not bad though.
Victor Daniels
Very funny set from Victor Daniels. Good to see him back on stage after a 9 month break (a pregnant pause one could say, or should that be a paternal pause?) Victor’s been back doing stand up again since July.
There was some great new material, as well as some “old favourites” shall we say re mobile phone networks, tube travel and Nigerian parents. He had the audience roaring with laughter for much of his routine. Although Victor’s a pretty big guy, he has a friendly, non-threatening demeanour about him and is unafraid to smile as he delivers his gags, some of which are plain silly, but laughable, in the funniest sense of the word.
Glenda Jaxson

Nominee Best Female Comedienne 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011

Having seen her at the start of the week (see my ‘Comedians in need of divine intervention’ article), just six days before this show, this was for me a rare occurrence (Edinburgh excepted) of seeing the same comedian twice in a week. Expecting to pretty much see the same routine she performed in compering her own show on Sunday 16th October it was fabulous to see a whole new set, joking as she reminisced about her raving days, dancing to lovers rock, her role in the new lovers rock film, ‘The Story of Lovers Rock’  and the “girls code” that women give one another on the dance floor. Excellent. What an insight. If only us guys knew!!
Glenda really had the audience in hysterics with these jokes, followed by jokes on parenting back in the day, another popular theme; youth culture for example making fun of the way some youngsters refer to one another as “blood”.
Fabulous show from Glenda. Terrific to see the way she’s come on over the years, growing in confidence and developing her funny bones.

Wayne “Dibbi” Rollins

Nominee Best Male and Female Comedian 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011

Last up we had Wayne “Dibbi” Rollins. Not a bad set. Similar to much I’ve seen him deliver before. Some good-natured banter with Rocky and others in the audience. Personally, not sure how much mileage there is in the man in a frock schtick. Funny ha ha for a while but not for ever and not if the material doesn’t have laughs in it, which is what I found on the whole. Needs to work more on that. We’re long past the shock-humour factor of the black drag Queen.

That said, when it comes to voting at Tiemo Entertainments 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011 perhaps Wayne’s hedging his bets and looking for votes in both Best Female and Best Male Comedian categories!

All in all a terrific show. I imagine many regulars at this monthly night will be considering voting this best regular comedy show of the year at Tiemo Entertainment’s 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

11th November 2011

The 9th Black Comedy Awards are the only awards ceremony exclusively devoted to celebrating and honouring Black British Comedy.

Tickets to attend the prestigious 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011 to be held at Venue 5 on 5th December 2011 can be purchased from

Voting lines close at midnight on Friday 11th November 2011. Nominees and voting information –

After the closing date a short-list will be produced based upon the outcome of the public voting.

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  1. VB says:

    Having had the pleasure of seeing Mr Cee perform on Saturday 19th November at the Mayfair Hotel, I would certainly endorse his set as ranking amongst the best. His delivery was sharp, thoughtful, his jokes were clean, his timing was good and most important of all, he was genuinely funny.My eye-makeup was totally ruined because I had laughed so much! It was more than worth it however, and I can’t want to see him again and listen to his quick-witted style at the Black Comedy Awards on Monday 5th December!

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