Comedians in need of divine intervention

No legacy for these comedians – LoL Show at Legacy, Finchley, Sunday 16th October 2011

Nominee Best Female Comedienne 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011

Tonight I ventured out to Finchley to a new comedy  night in Finchley hosted by Glenda Jaxson.


The night was meant to be headlined by Quincy but he didn’t show and no explanation was given, which was not really on as others and myself came out to see two main acts, him and Glenda  Jaxson, as the other names on the bill were unknown acts.

I’m afraid to say the first few acts were so bad they were instantly forgettable and therefore I am unable to give you their names.

I realise it’s not easy going on stage to make a roomful of strangers laugh but you’d think comedians would try out there material first to friends or others to see how they fare before going on stage as some of the material was just plain dreadful. My advice to them and other newcomers would be to work harder at your writing. That’s right, do write down your material or at least rough outline of your gags before hitting the stage and do go and see as much live comedy as you can.

Also watch the established comedians on TV and DVD and try and learn from them and what they do that makes them funny … just don’t pinch their jokes!!  

They may make it look easy and effortless but there is a knack to what they do and years of hard work go them to where they are and a lot of graft goes into their craft. 

One comedian, some big fella who’se name escapes me, kept banging on about the St Paul’ s protest and how he was wearing some great big hat and colourful clothing yet couldn’t get arrested even if he tried. Bit like his gags. He was so bad he’d struggle to buy a laugh even if they were giving them away.

It was just too much and he refused to talk or joke about anything else. For 15, 20 minutes. Come on !!! I felt for the guy but not that much as he was just recounting his day and unfortunately for him it just really wasn’t funny or more to the point he didn’t find the funny in it, as Stephen K Amos would say.

When an attendee asked him to talk, tell us jokes about something else he was just stumped. Terrible. He started to walk of, then said “don’t be silly.”

The man politely asked again, “Sorry mate, but we came here for comedy, not to hear about your day.” At that he gave up the ghost and fled the stage. Shame, but that’s what happens when you don’t find the funny in a situation.

Mr Blair
The Headliner for the night was a certain Mr Blair. No not that one, but a newcomer to  me. He delivered a topical, warmly delivered set that had the audience roaring with laughter. Excellent.
Glenda Jaxson

The venue was called Legacy but alas there is no legacy for this night as the show has been postponed for the forseeable future.

Fortunately our host for the night Glenda Jaxson, along with Mr Blair, rescued the night and really worked overtime to deliver the laughs and keep the audience on side. She was hilarious with very funny sketches about being a Mum, raising her boys, being down with the “youths dem.”

She seemed to be enjoying herself, as was the audience, who were getting the laughs they’d come out for on a Sunday night.
Glenda actually performed on Tiemo’s first ever show, back in February 2006 at the Town Hall at Swan Theatre, High Wycombe and it’s tremendous to see how far she’s come on since then as there’s no way in those days that she could have delivered the laughs/compered and rescued a show as competently and as confidently as she did on this night.
Very impressive and I can see why she is a worthy nominee for Best Female Comedienne at the 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011.

© Tiemo Talk of the Town

11th November 2011

Tickets to attend the prestigious 9th Black Comedy Awards 2011 to be held at Venue 5 on 5th December 2011 can be purchased from

This is the only awards ceremony exclusively devoted to celebrating and honouring Black British Comedy.

Voting lines close at midnight on Friday 11th November 2011. Nominees and voting information –

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