Zanzibar Cats

Zanzibar Cats

Roy Hutchins performs a selection of Heathcote Williams poems **

Gilded Balloon, Wine Bar. 3pm Daily. 3-29th August 2011

Heathcote Williams is perhaps best known for his epic poems, Whale Nation, Autogeddon and Falling For A Dolphin, which were interpreted and performed by Roy Hutchins to huge international acclaim. Now they have selected a collection of new, short poems to engage and entertain.

Heathcote’s acute observations on life and death, politics and society, people and places ask big questions in short-form. With economy of style but global in reference and impact, they take listeners on an imaginative, rollercoaster journey.

Roy’s incisive delivery perfectly matches the content bringing the poetry to life with an intuitive understanding and theatrical flourish.  Text supplied by festival and/or promoter.

 Show review – 10th August 2011 **

Never look a gift horse in the mouth they say. Well today I was handed a pair of complimentary tickets for this show. I’d not heard of it or planned to go, but the show was sold on me so I gave it a go. I was a little nervous as an hour of poetry wasn’t exactly what I’d come to Edinburgh for.

The poetry started well enough with topical material that was interesting and thought-provoking. However an hour was just far too long. For one man and a mic. Telling poetry. 15-20 minutes would have been far better and in keeping with the material and Fringe ethos especially for something as different as highbrow poetry.

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