Please hold – You’re being transferred to a UK based Asian representative

Please hold – You’re being transferred to a UK based Asian representative

Star Rating: ****

Review date: 11th August 20111

4th-27th August 2011. 12.40pm Finnegan’s Wake, The Back Room, 9B Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 2HE

Laughing Horse Free Fringe. Free, but donations welcome.

Sadia’s a British Asian working for an Essex call centre. She knows you are waiting. Your call is important to her. Really. When Sadia landed a job in a UK call centre she thought she had made it. But with the increase in Indian call centres, Sadia soon finds out people want answers about why, from her. Let Sadia entertain you as she shows it’s not what you know but where you’re calling from that counts. ‘A hilarious new up-and-comer’ (Shazia Mirza). Shortlisted act Funny Women Finals 2010. Free.

Text supplied by festival and/or promoter.

Sadia Call Centre show

Nice warm delivery from newcomer Sadia. Funny show with lots of surprising punch lines. She doesn’t look like you’re stereotypical comedienne and is perhaps one of the few comediennes performing at the Fringe. The theme of call centres, how they operate, how they can be frustrating was funny and enlightening. We also gained some insights into why they operate as they do, why they keep you waiting and how you can best handle them.

There’s a Q&A at the end, but aside from this reviewer asking a question, there were no further questions. Sadia would be better of  highlighting at the start of her 20 minute set that she would welcome any questions at the end. I hadn’t heard of Sadia before and only knew of her show by being handed a flyer on my way in to Finnegan’s Wake.  I took a little risk by going to see this. It paid off. This was a funny show from a newcomer. Seeing newcomers is just what the Fringe is all about.


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Tiemo Talk of The Town – 13th August 2011

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