National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland *****

Chambers Street Edinburgh EH1 1JF Tel: 0300 123 6789 Daily 10-5pm. Free, but donations welcome.

Review of visit on 10th August 2011

To be honest, and I should be ashamed to write this, but I only popped into the National Museum of Scotland to escape the torrential rain teeming down upon the beautiful city of Edinburgh Fringe.  Further ashamed as I’ve been visiting this city annually for the Fringe for the last seven or so years and have never before taken the time out to visit this museum.

Well I’m kicking myself now as I enjoyed a wonderful hour  inside the Museum. My timing was good too, entering just before 11am so I got to watch the huge Millennium Clock Tower full of animation and huge moving wheels as it moved towards and struck 11a.m.

Millennium Clock Tower - National Museum of Scotland

My visit focused on the Natural World, Science and Technology and Discoveries sections on the First Floor. Observing exhibits such as  rockets and machinery you learn that the city has such a rich, industrial past. The animal, mammal and dinosaur sections were exceptionally interesting and with the place so full of local children on school holiday visits made for a fun atmosphere, looking at their excitable faces viewing with awe the exhibits. My tour ended with a short fascinating video about the Big Bang and how life came to pass all those millions of years ago.

Terrific museum. Well worth visiting whilst in Edinburgh and I’ll be sure to visit again on my next visit.

National Museum of Scotland

Tiemo Talk of The Town – 13th August 2011

Reviews of the Scottish National Gallery and Edinburgh Fringe comedy shows and plays 2011, 2010 and 2007 are featured on this blog.

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  1. Pauline says:

    Interesting reviews. I was at the festival last week too! I recommend Flawless …..great show. Also saw Othello and agree with your comments.

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