Lauren and Marc’s Comedy Snack

Lauren and Marc’s Comedy Snack

Laughing Horse Free Festival. Finnegan’s Wake. 9B Victoria Street, EH1 2 HE. 12noon. 4-18th August 2011. Free, but donations welcome.

Lauren Shearing (Laughing Horse and Amused Moose Semi-Finalist 2011) and Marc Norris bring you a tasty half hour of free stand-up comedy. Expect brilliant stories, witty observations and the occasional fish paste sandwich. A deliciously funny start to your Festival day. ‘Tremendous fun … slightly twisted’ (Ed Fest Magazine). Text supplied by festival and/or promoter.

Lauren Shearing and Marc Norris

10th August review.

Good start to the Free fringe with the amiable Marc Norris and Lauren Shearing comedy show. Both did 15 minute sets. Marc came across as confident, polished and with a good selection of jokes and anecdotes that kept a packed little room in the Finnegan’s Wake pub laughing away. Some good gags regarding being a father, how it can be easy to “pull women” with a child or even a pet over the shared bonding, the fact it shows the caring side of man.

His voice at times reminded me of comedy legend Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses which enhanced the show for me.

Lauren kept the laugh’s flowing with her funny tales of being single, looking for love and tales of woe in her lifelong journey to find the right man. Any man! Especially amusing was her attempts to meet a guy on the tube. Very funny.

Almost 1/3 of shows are free this year. The principle is though that you donate to the shows you like  as after all  there are costs incurred by performers in putting on shows. Accommodation, food, promotion and flyers don’t come for free.  Take a chance on the free fringe. Maybe you will spot the next Michael McIntyre of the future. That’s part of the fun of the whole experience.


Reviews of many more Edinburgh Fringe comedy shows 2011, 2010 and 2007, Scottish National Museums and art galleries, plus plays such as Murder and Mystery on the Menu, Othello and Spent can be read on this blog.

Tiemo Talk of The Town – 13th August 2011

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  1. Pauline says:

    I think your recent article on the riots is both thought provoking and debatable. I for one would be interested in any forums…keep me posted!

  2. Thank-you Pauline. What did you think of Lauren and Marc’s show though, this is a comedy blog?!! Could you post your riots comment in ‘After the riots: 10 Steps to Repairing Broken Britain’? Go to the end of the article, view tags and look to the end of that section and it says ‘ leave a comment’. Voila, you can post a comment. This is really a wordpress automatic function, but I will see if there’s a way to make this clearer as having looked into this I can appreciate how it’s not clear. Thank-you for the useful feedback. Tiemo Talk of the Town

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