Othello *****

Zoo Roxy, 2 Roxborough Place, EH8 9SU. £8. 18.45pm 5-20 August 2011

Dug Out Theatre have put on a fantastic production of the Shakespearen tragedy Othello. The two hour show was superbly, realistic and powerfully acted. The high emotion of Othello, Michael Cassio and others was impressive. The skullduggery and scheming of that duplicitous scoundrel Iago was something else too.

The action and story line never flagged and I was thoroughly engrossed in the performance which made full use of the stage and whole of the small theatre in which the drama took place.

With regards to the handkerchief being used to convince Othello of his wife Desdemona’s infidelity, I found that quite incredulous that a senior military commander of Othello’s rank could be so taken in, so gulllible, on the basis of such flimsy evidence of the missing handkerchief. That was weak, but thus was it ever so. That’s the story Mr William Shakespeare wanted us to believe.

Great show nontheless. Even if you’re not familiar with the story or mad about Shakespeare this is one of the more straightforward drama’s to follow. Well worth seeing.

9th August 2011 show rating *****

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