Enjoy yourself – It’s later than you think! Lenny Peters

Enjoy yourself – It’s later than you think – Lenny Peters ***

Laughing Horse Free Festival. 15.30pm. 4 India Buildings, Victoria Street. FREE, but donations welcome. Daily 5-29 August 2011

Brighton father Lenny shares humorous stories of raising his son, touring and everyday life.

Some of his set ups and story telling were somewhat laborious and failed to pack any sort of punch.

Lenny was at his best when riffing and improvising with the audience. These moments provided opportunities for audience to witness the versatility of his accents, UK and International to hilarious effect. He showed himself to be far funnier and spontaneous that way.

Reviews of many more Edinburgh Fringe comedy shows 2011, 2010 and 2007, Scottish National Museums and Art galleries, plus plays such as Murder and Mystery on the Menu, Othello and Spent can be read on this blog.

Michael Peters (no relation) Tiemo Talk of the Town
9th August 2011

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