Mystery and Murder on the menu at the Scottish Cafe

Murder, mystery and suspense on The Mound  **.5

The Scottish Cafe and Restaurant, National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound, EH2 2EL.

8-9,15-16,22-23rd August 2011. £39.

Opening night review 8th August 2011

This was my first show of this year’s 2011 Edinburgh Fringe. It was the premiere too of ‘Murder, Mystery and Suspense’. Set in the exquisite setting of the cafe in the Scottish National Gallery, though it was a pleasant setting surrounded by gardens, with around 60 diners the setting wasn’t ideal as half the room, including this writer, had to turn around to watch the action and then back again to dine.

Instead of great long tables it might have been better to have round tables and most of the action centre stage.

The evening’s entertainment was billed as a mixture of Poirot style murder, mystery and suspense, with a Carry on flavour plus side dish of a 3 course meal for good measure. Whilst I give **** compliments to the chef for a sumptious Scottish meal including haggis and salmon, unfortunately I can’t say the same about the play.

The acting by the 4 actors playing multiple characters was very poor. The story and action failed to flow seamlessly and the promised Carry on style laughs were far too intermittent.

As it transpired, I guessed right about “who dunnit”, but to be honest by the end I couldn’t have cared less.

It’s my first ever Murder, Mystery and Suspense and it may be my last. It might just have been that I was unlucky and that as this was first night that these flaws will be ironed out during it’s three week run.

Let’s hope so.

Opening night review 8th August 2011 **.5

Reviews of many more Edinburgh Fringe comedy shows 2011, 2010 and 2007, Scottish National Museums and art galleries, plus plays such as Othello and Spent can be read on this blog.

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